Our Army Exhibition - A Soldier In Every Family

Our Army Exhibition - A Soldier In Every Family came to the open space beside Westgate, Jurong East two weekends ago. 

I took the opportunity to visit the exhibition to learn more about the technology and weaponry used in our defenses. It was an eye-opener to learn about the latest technology and also seeing some familiar equipments which accompanied my days with the armed forces.

How To Turn Off Annoying Facebook Game Invites (Read: PIRATE KING) On Android & IOS

For Android

1. Click the 3 lines on the top right of your Facebook page.

How To Turn Off Annoying Facebook Game Invites (Read: PIRATE KINGS) On PC


awareness, facebook, game invites, games, how to turn off annoying facebook game invites for pc, pirate kings

1. On the right panel of your Facebook page, click "See More" under "Recommended Games".

ONE PIECE Collectibles With Purchase Of EVM From McDonald's!

advertorial, anime, evm, extra value meals, figurines, japanese, manga, mcdonald's, one piece, toei animation, toys, 海贼王, singapore

ONE PIECE fans rejoice!

McDonald's is finally bringing in collectibles of the popular anime!

This series will be made available in stores every Monday from 17 November 2014 at 11am and each collectible is priced at $2.95 with purchase of any EVM (Extra Value Meal).

Customers are allowed to purchase ONE figurine per EVM, subject to availability.

Two designs will be released every Monday at 11am for three weeks:
  • Zoro and Robin (from 17 Nov) 
  • Franky and Chopper (from 24 Nov) 
  • Sanji and Brook (from 01 Dec) 

From 08 December, three designs will be released instead of two.
  • Nami, Usok and Luffy (from 08 Dec)

In addition, a limited edition THOUSAND SUNNY paper ship is available from 8 December at $3.95 each, with purchase of a EVM.

*Only 100 ships is available per store!

School's Out! Holidays In! Where To Bring Your Kids This School Holiday?

fish farm, flowerhorn, jalan lekar, luohan fish, qianhu, sungei tengah, 仟湖, 仟湖鱼场, qian hu, where to go in singapore, singapore

My apologies for the lack of updates as I was away for two weeks ICT. Although it's stay out all the way, I would flop into bed the moment I reached home every night because no one can shag me out like SAF can.

After ICT ended, the first thing I did was to visit Qianhu Fish Farm. Actually, I was there to get  a overhead filter as the current internal filter is not efficient for the bioload

I'm keeping Lionhead Goldfish at the moment and you know how messy goldfishes are. I had to get my hands wet every few days to strip down the filter and to wash out the gunk so I figure a overhead filter is much easier for maintenance.

Anyway, another reason I was there is to take a look at the Ranchus as I am smitten with them lately.

9th Death Anniversary

God looked around His garden
And He found an empty place
He then looked down upon the earth
And saw your precious face

He put His arms around you
And lifted you to rest;
God' s Garden must be beautiful
He always takes the best.

He knew that you were suffering
He knew you were in pain
He knew you' d never ever
Get well on earth again.

So He closed your weary eyelids
And whispered " Peace be thine "
Then He took you up to Heaven
With Hands so gentle and kind.

It broke our hearts to lose you
But you did not go alone,
For part of us went with you
The day God welcomed you home.

Author Unknown

Happy 16th Barkday!

A companion, a pal,
A very best friend.
Someone to trust,
To love 'til the end.
Someone to trust,
When feeling blue.
Always a smile,
T'always greet you.
Always a smile,
To dry up your tears.
A person to be there,
To quiet your fears.
A person to be there,
When lonely or sad.
Loving regardless,
If hating or mad.
Loving regardless,
If caring or cruel.
No matter what,
Genius or fool.
No matter what,
They stand by you.
Who is this person,
Have you a clue?
Who is this person?
I'll tell you who.
This is your pet,
That loves through 'n through.

- Author Unknown

Haw Par Villa - The Ten Courts Of Hell

 aw boon haw, aw boon par, chinese values, folklore, haw par villa, mythology, sculptures, statues, ten courts of hell, tiger balm, tiger balm garden, 虎豹别墅, singapore, where to go in singapore

I hope you have not been kept waiting for too long for the second and final installment of my Haw Par Villa trip. You can read the first part here if you have not already done so.

The focus in today's post is also the main highlight of the park which is the Ten Courts Of Hell.

I actually made a second trip back to hell as the photos did not turn out well (I didn't realize my hands were shaking too much) during the first visit.

I vividly remember visiting it as a child and the graphic nature of the exhibits gave me endless nightmares but precisely because of this, it further ingrain the notion in me not to do bad deeds.

I guess that is the purpose of this exhibit; to remind us to be a better person and not to commit crimes. I recommended all parents to bring their kids (especially naughty ones) here at least once so they will learn to behave themselves.

Be forewarned that the photos you are about to see are pretty gruesome and morbid therefore you are advised to exercise caution if you want to proceed reading further.

*Reader's Discretion Is Advised*

Haw Par Villa - Singapore's Very First Theme Park Of The Bizzare Kind

aw boon haw, aw boon par, chinese values, folklore, haw par villa, mythology, sculptures, statues, ten courts of hell, tiger balm, tiger balm garden, 虎豹别墅, singapore, where to go in singapore

Did you know that long before USS (Universal Studios Singapore) arrive upon our shores, we already had Haw Par Villa (previously known as Tiger Balm Gardens). This 77-years old Chinese mythological park was built in 1937, making it Singapore's very first, and oldest themed park to date.

Built by Aw Boon Haw for his brother Boon Par, this pair of Burmese brothers arrived in Singapore during the 1920s with their father's secret recipe to the Tiger Balm ointment. Yes, the people who built Haw Par Villa are the very same people behind Tiger Balm.

Tiger Balm not only make a name for itself in the region but internationally as well.

The park did not started off as the park we see today. Aw Boon Haw had bought the land and built a villa for his younger brother to thank him for helping with the business.

But, the war came and the brothers fled back to Burma where Boon Par passed away. After the war, Boon Haw returned to Singapore and had the villa demolished. In its place stood sculptures depicting traditional Chinese folk tales and mythology. The finished park was then opened free to the public who came in huge numbers.

Life Liberation @ Ulu Tiram, Johor Bahru

life liberation, santi forest monastery, sutera, ulu tiram, vegetarian, 五福城, 原味素食苑, 宁心寺, 放生仪轨, 香满居素食馆, travels,malaysia,johor bahru

A week after returning from my Malacca trip, my folks and I were once again heading to Johor Bahru with Dad's friend (yes, that same uncle we went to Malacca with).

We are going there to take part in this "Life Liberation" (fangsheng/放生) event where we will be releasing animals into the wild. It is my first time attending such an event and as a Buddhist, while I applaud the cause, I am at the same time thrown into a dilemma.

I believe the purpose of liberation is to rescue animals from a live and death situation (eg, live animals saved from being slaughtered for food) but, what if the animals (eg. birds/fish) are intentionally captured/trapped from the wild for the sole purpose of selling to us to free them, then what is the point?

UPDATE: This is exactly what I meant but unable to summarize in a few words!

2D1N Malacca Trip - Hang Tuah Well, Jonker Walk, Chicken Rice Balls, Christ Church, Klebang Coconut Shake, Peranakan Dinner & No Toilet Bowls!

capitol satay celup, chicken rice balls, hello kitty, hoe kee chicken rice, jonker, jonker street, jonker walk, malacca, malaysia, san shu gong, travels, 三叔公, 和记鸡饭团, 马六甲, 鸡场街, 鸡饭团,

I went for a two days and one night weekend getaway to Malacca (马六甲) with Dad and his friends two weekends ago. To be precise, it was his friend and this friend's other friends.

We woke up super early that morning to meet up with his friend (and this friend's other friends) then, we board a chartered coach heading for the customs.

Malacca (a UNESCO World Heritage site) is a few hours drive away from Singapore and thankfully, I managed to catch some much deprived sleep. Along the way, we stopped for breakfast at Gelang Patah before continuing our journey towards our first destination - the Hang Tuah well.

添发云吞面 Tian Fa Wanton Mee @ Keat Hong Shopping Centre

85° Cafe, chua chu kang ave 1, food, food review, keat hong shopping centre, keat hong wet market, wanton mee, 云吞面, 叉烧云吞面, 添发卤面云吞面, singapore,review

I was at Keat Hong Shopping Centre (actually it is more of a wet market) because I heard that there is a nice Wanton Mee on the second floor. There are two coffee shops on the second level and the Wanton Mee which I am looking for is located at the coffee shop called 85° Cafe.

The Wanton Mee stall only have a Chinese name called 添发卤面云吞面. As its name implies, the stall sells Lor Mee and Wanton Mee.

I had the Wanton Mee.

Tokyu Hands 東急ハンズ Arrived In West Gate Singapore!

b-side label, jurong east, nanoblocks, rootote, shibuya, singapore, stickers, tokyu hands, tōkyū hanzu, washi tape, west gate, 東急ハンズ, singapore

Tokyu Hands (東急ハンズ) has recently opened a new store in Singapore - its first outlet in Southeast Asia - earlier this month.

This Japanese lifestyle store sells such a wide variety of merchandise that you can call it a part hardware, part hobby, part kitchen, part gift and stationery store all in one.

Seeing some excitement from friends about its arrival, I decided to check it out to see what was the commotion all about.

From what I found out, Tokyu Hands is a multi-level shopping paradise in Japan but the store here is located in a 7,500 sq ft store on the first floor of West Gate Mall in Jurong East.

Actually, it reminded me of Daiso but a more upmarket one (read: EXPENSIVE).

Wei Ji Noodle House - Wanton Mee @ Chinatown Complex

wei ji noodle house,wanton mee,singapore,food review,chinatown complex market & food centre,威记面家,335 smith street,wanton noodle,food review,hawker centre,

Update: Wei Ji Noodle House has permanently closed.

Sick of having the usual at Chinatown Complex market & Food Centre, I walked around the food centre, hoping to uncover something new for lunch when I stumbled upon Wei Ji Noodle House.

Hidden at a inconspicuous part of the complex, business is sluggish - or at least that's what it appears to be - when I was there just before noon. This is a striking contrast to the other stalls just round the corner.

Nevertheless, I decided to give it a try and ordered myself a plate of wanton mee.

The person taking my order is quite aloof who made no effort to take my order even though I was standing there in front of the stall for a good whole minute.

I had to take the initiative to call out to him what I wanted. Even then, there was no communication between us during the entire transaction as I am the only one doing all the talking.

I wonder is that part of the reason for the lack of business?

鯛パフェ Tai-Parfait @ Bugis Junction

azuki, bugis, dessert, food, food review, ice cream, japanese dessert, matcha, parco bugis junction, parfait, red bean, tai parfait, taiyaki, taiyaki sweets, vanilla, 鯛パフェ, 鯛焼き, singapore,review

Update: Tai Farfait has permanently closed.

Last month, I was passing by Bugis Junction (the truth is, I was there to use the toilet) when I realized the basement is undergoing renovations.

While walking around, I learned that some of the new F&B tenants are Boost Juice, Yellow Submarine, Bear Bites, Tai-Parfait, etc.

Among those, what caught my attention was Tai-Parfait, a Japanese-concept store selling fusion dessert which combines Taiyaki with Parfait.

That is why, I am back a few days ago, to try the Taiyaki which is a traditional fish-shaped pancake from Japan filled with a sweet filling (usually Azuki) on the inside.

At Tai-Parfait, the Taiyaki filling options are Azuki, Matcha, Custard Cream and Chocolate. The Taiyaki is shaped like a fish with a gaping mouth where your preferred Parfait ingredients goes in.

You can buy the Taiyaki as it is without the Parfait portion (SGD2.20/pc) which includes ingredients like fruits, matcha and soft-serve ice cream.

Tiong Shian Porridge Centre - Mixed Pork Porridge And Raw Fish Salad @ 265 North Bridge Road

265 new bridge road,tiong shian porridge centre,长城粥品,raw fish salad,lou bean curd,pork porridge,singapore,food review,ann kway building,長城粥品,yee sang,

It has been ages since I last had a bowl of porridge at Tiong Shian. I remember when I was younger, my family would have our dinner here whenever we visit Chinatown. Perhaps that is how I grew to love porridge, especially the Cantonese-styled ones.

As the coffee shop is located just by the main road, customers had to endure the carbon output from passing vehicles. Not only that, they also had to put up with the unbearable heat during the day. And of course, not forgetting the emotionless and sometimes rude waiting staff.

Despite all that, it has not deterred customers from returning for their porridge fix. This place is always fully packed that it would be quite a daunting task trying to get a table.  

Mini Beanies And Soya Porridge @ Mr Bean Jurong Point

food, food review, jurong point, mini beanies, mr bean, pancake, soya porridge, spicy minced chicken beancurd, 豆先生, 香辣鸡肉脞豆花, review,singapore

When I saw the above poster on Mr Bean's facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/MrBeanSingapore/photos/a.204749536337346.69311.194064697405830/520886044723692/?type=1&theater), I was smitten-ed by the cute Mini Beanies donning different funny hats. 

I have always like Mr Bean's mascot so I thought I gotta give it a try!

And there I was, a few days later, standing in front of Mr Bean at Jurong Point, ordering my Mini Beanies.

Tanglin Halt Western Food @ Clementi Central

blk 448 clementi ave 3,clementi 448 market,clementi 448 market & food centre,东陵福西餐,food review,review,tanglin halt western food,金文泰,熟食中心,hawker,food,singapore,western food,pork chop,chicken cutlet,

Update: Tanglin Halt Western Food has permanently closed.

*This review is from a combination of two different visits.

Tanglin Halt Western Food is run by Mr Ng and his wife for the last 38 years.

Located just next to the popular Chai Ho Satay, this western food stall also happens to be one of the stalls with a perpetual queue at Clementi Central.

I mean, where else can you find Fish & Chips, Pork Chop, Chicken Chop for $4.50 and Beef Steak for $5.50?

Health freaks who avoid western food would be happy to know that since joining the Healthier Hawker Program in July last year, the stall owner has switched to healthier alternatives like oil with unsaturated fat and salt containing lesser sodium than regular salt. 

财好沙嗲 Chai Ho Satay & Dried Pork @ Clementi Central

chai ho satay, clementi central, food, hawker, 沙嗲, 熟食中心, 财好沙嗲, 金文泰, food review,review

Chai Ho Satay & Dried Meat has been around for a long time. As its name implies, this stall sells Satay as well as Dried Meat (Bak Kwa).

The stall has probably been there even before I moved from Clementi 25 years ago.

Chai Ho Satay is a non-halal Satay stall. They have pork Satay aside from the usual mutton and chicken.

I have long wanted to try the Satay here but I was always there at a bad timing when they were still not opened for business. It wasn't until last week when I brought Mum to see a Sinseh nearby that we were finally able to catch it in business.

华记面食品 Wah Kee Noodle @ Amoy Street Food Centre

amoy street food centre, food, food review, wah kee noodle, wah kee wanton mee, wanton mee, 云吞面, 华记面食品, 夏门街熟食中心, review

Just across from Tai Seng Noodle House at Amoy Street Food Centre is Wah Kee Noodle - another stall specializing in Cantonese-styled Wanton Mee that is run by a husband and wife team.

After placing my order with the husband, the wife is heard raising her voice at him over some petty issues like having not enough bowls. I think I caught them at a bad timing as the atmosphere inside the stall is a little tense.

I had thought of cancelling my order and going over to Tai Seng instead but, I was worried that I would incur lady-boss' wrath so I awkwardly waited for my order in front of the stall while she continue berating her husband who just kept his silence throughout. 

The moment my order is ready, I quickly scoot off with my noodles! That few minutes felt like forever!

Dinosaurs: Dawn To Extinction

artscience museum, dawn to extinction, dinosaurs, exhibition, marina bay sands, mbs, singapore

By the time you read this post, the exhibition, Dinosaurs: Dawn To Extinction would have already ended it's 8-months run at the Artscience Museum. The exhibition began in January this year but unfortunately, I got hit by the procrastinating bug and before I knew it, three days is all there is left for me to visit.

Entering the hall, visitors would be greeted by a family of Herrerasaurus. I like how the museum played with the shadows of the skeletons by projecting them onto the wall behind them. 

I thought I was seeing things when I saw them move.

Ji Ji Wanton Noodle Specialist @ Hong Lim Market & Food Centre

wanton mee,wanton noodle,singapore,山仔顶基记面家,德记怡保沙河粉,food review,ji ji wanton noodle specialist,基记面家,tuck kee ipoh sah hor fun,hong lim market & food centre,blk 531a upper cross street,

This review is from a combination of three visits.

One late afternoon, Dad and I came to Hong Lim Market & Food Centre for lunch and we had the soy sauce chicken noodle from Ji Ji Wanton Noodle Specialist.

It was a choice out of desperation. We had actually come for Tuck Kee Ipoh Sah Hor Fun but it was already closed by the time we were there and so were most of the other stalls.

Yakader Dum Briyani @ Tekka Centre

dum briyani, little india, nasi briyani, tekka centre, tekka market, yakader, 竹脚中心, food review,food,review,singapore
 Dum Briyani SGD4.50 with an added hard-boil egg for SGD0.50

All my life, I thought Nasi Briyani is simply Nasi Briyani - a spice-infused rice dish drizzled over with curried meat. The only difference is having either chicken, mutton or fish to go along with your meal.

My first trip to Tekka Centre recently taught me otherwise, as I soon found out that there is another kind called the Dum Briyani where the meat and rice (placed in alternating layers in a pot) are cooked together where the rice stews in the meat juices, absorbing the delicate flavors of the spices and herbs as opposed to Nasi Briyani where the rice and meat were cooked separately.

Tuck Kee Ipoh Sah Hor Fun 德记怡保沙河粉 @ Hong Lim Market & Food Centre

crayfish hor fun, food, food review, hong lim market & food centre, tuck kee ipoh sah hor fun, 德记怡保沙河粉, 虾婆河粉, review,singapore
Hong Lim Market & Food Centre

One of the most exasperating thing to happen while queuing for hawker food has got to be when you thought you are next in line, the person in front actually ordered more than 10 packets to go!

What a bummer...

That's what happened to me when I was queuing for a plate of Tuck Kee (Ipoh) Sah Hor Fun at Hong Lim Market & Food Centre.

Tuck Kee does not use the regular wide hor fun used by our local tze char stalls here. Ipoh's sah hor fun is a flat, rice noodle that is long and narrow bearing some resemblance to our kway teow.

The sah hor fun is drenched with a thickened brown sauce full of crustacean umami with chye sim and fried shallots on the side.

The only headache you have, is to choose what ingredients you want to go with your sah hor fun. The choices are Chicken with Prawns ($4), Medium Prawns ($4.50), Pacific Clam with Prawns ($4.50), Abalone Mushroom with Prawns ($4) and of course their signature and most popular item, Crayfish with Prawns ($6).

No brownie points for guessing what I ordered.

吊桥头大华猪肉粿条面 Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle @ Crawford Lane

bak chor mee, bcm, food, food review, hill street, review, tai hwa, tai hwa bak chor mee, 吊桥头, 大华, 大华猪肉粿条面, 肉挫面,

I have long heard about this famous "Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle" which have been hailed as the best Bak Chor Mee (Minced Meat Noodle) in Singapore by its fans.

That claim sure arouse my interest but I only got to try it last week when I went to collect my new passport from the ICA (Immigration & Checkpoint Authority of Singapore) beside Lavender MRT.

The stall in question is located at Blk 466 Crawford Lane, which is right behind the ICA building.

Even though I was there at 11am, a queue of 6 people had already formed in front of the stall. The queue is very slow moving; by the time it reached my turn, twenty minutes have passed.

Of course, I know twenty minutes is not a very long time to wait considering that the queue can sometimes stretch beyond the perimeter of the coffee shop during peak hours (which literally translates to at least 60 minutes of wait)!

I really take my hat off to these people who bothered to queue so long just to have a bowl of noodles.

Nick Pitera: One-Man Tribute to Aladdin on Broadway


Nick Pitera has done it again - this time as a one-man tribute to Aladdin on Broadway.

This talented young man needs no further introduction if you have been a regular reader of this blog for I had blogged about him here, here and here before.

The League Against Evil: A DC Super Heroes Exhibition: Somewhere To Bring Your Kids This June Holidays!

Nope, this is not the headquarters of the Justice League of America but the Singapore Philatelic Museum.

Your favorite super heroes from DC Comics - Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman - is now on exhibition at the Museum. 

Come explore the origins and history of the Justice League through stamps, comic artworks, and collectibles of figurines and models.

This exhibition is held in conjunction with Warner Brothers' celebration of the 75th anniversary of Batman. It is also the first and only DC Comics Super Heroes exhibition in Asia to commemorate this milestone.

Video: Starwars Flash Mob @ Cologne Wallrafplatz, Germany

At Cologne Wallrafplatz, Germany, a lone trumpeter plays the opening credits from the Star Wars movie in the middle of a busy street.

He was joined by the other brass players from the WDR Radio Orchestra who had hidden themselves on the second floor of the surrounding buildings. The strings section then appeared on the streets and take up position at the cafe.

Surprised pedestrians stop in their tracks and whipped out their mobile phones to film the entire act.

At the end of the performance, the musicians disperse and goes their separate ways.

炒果条 Fried Kway Teow @ Amoy Street Food Centre

Amoy Street Food Centre is a great place to grab lunch if you work nearby in the CBD area. It is a two-storey food centre that has every kind of local food imaginable.

If you do a search on what's recommended here, the Char Kway Teow is bound to turn up in the results. char koay teow

Char Kway Teow, or Fried Kway Teow is a flat rice noodle dish fried with eggs, tau geh (beansprouts),  see-hum (cockles) and lup cheong (Chinese sausage).

This particular Fried Kway Teow stall at Amoy Street Food Centre serves one of the better ones around. Well, not out of this world good but good enough.

Afterall, uncle has been frying kway teow for the last 50 odd years when he first operated from a push cart at Boon Tat Street in the 1960s. If his kway teow is not good, his business could not have lasted till now.

Qianhu Fish Farm: Somewhere To Bring Your Kids This June Holidays!

Qianhu Fish Farm had very humble beginnings.

The Yap family started off as pig farmers before venturing into the ornamental fish business. They converted old pig pens into concrete ponds and bred Guppies for local exporters.

There is no turning back for the small family business which has since grown into the corporation it is today. In year 2000, Qianhu became a public listed company on the SGX.

I enjoy visiting the farm to escape from the bustle of city life. I also like to get my aquarium supplies here because it is not too far from where I stay but most importantly is, watching the fishes has a therapeutic effect on me.

Besides, the aquarium shop near my place got their supplies from Qianhu too so it makes sense for me to come here straight where I can find everything I need all under one roof.

You can enjoy an idyllic afternoon here with your loved ones to relieve the childhood days of longkang fishing or simply pamper your feet with a fish spa.

You can also seek advise here if you are setting up an aquarium for the first time.

大成熟食面家 Tai Seng Noodle House @ Amoy Street Food Centre

Since I was at Robinsons Road the other day, I decided to have lunch at the nearby Amoy Street Food Centre.

The 'homework' I did the night before narrowed down my choices to Tai Seng Noodle House - specifically for its Wanton Mee. My reason for picking this stall is attributed by the many photographs of the Wanton Mee with its generous serving of ingredients.

I could not believe my eyes when I saw photos of the said Wanton Mee that I had to come see this for myself!

And seeing is believing.

Kin Kin Chilli Pan Mee @ 534 Macpherson Road

Update: Kin Kin Chilli Pan Mee has permanently closed.

I have never tasted dried ban mian (or pan mee, as they are known in Malaysia) before and have always been intrigued by its taste whenever I see Malaysian bloggers blogging about it.

Thus, when Kin Kin Chilli Pan Mee from KL set up a branch here in Singapore two months ago, it got me excited.

I had wanted to go pay them a visit then but was upset to learn that the queue is two hours long!

Disgruntled, I decided to wait until the hype is gone before going down.

Hua Feng Roasted Delights @ Tiong Bahru

While on a chicken hunt at Tiong Bahru recently, lunching at Zhong Yu Yuan Wei (忠于原味) was included in the plan.

Unfortunately, I was dismayed to find this notice stuck on their door when I got there.

Having no luck with their bu jian tian (不见天) pig's armpit char siew Wanton Mee, I went in search of the other Wanton Mee stall.

I remember my lecturer telling me on Facebook that there is another Wanton Mee stall called Hua Feng Roasted Delights (华丰烧腊) at Tiong Bahru Market which happens to be right next to the popular 178 Shark Fritters Lor Mee stall.

Fowl Play And Fishy Business @ Tiong Bahru

goldfish,tiong bahru,mural,cocks,guppy,ernest goh,arts,tiong bahru heritage fiesta,singapore,

My curiosity was aroused when I learn that there were Cockerels running amok at Tiong Bahru.

They are not your usual chickens per se but murals put up by artist Ernest Goh as part of the 2014 Tiong Bahru Heritage Fiesta.

I knew I had to come check them out when I first saw the photos from the Cheekiemonkies!

Without much further ado, let us go catch some chickens!

Batam 2014

Went to Batam with the folks last Saturday. We woke up at five in the morning and the skies were still dark when we reached the Cruise Centre at Harbourfront.

I was actually not too keen to go as our last trip to Batam was just a few days short to a year

However, with the lure of A&W, I decided to go anyway.

The Prong Collar: Training Aid Or Torture Instrument?

I guess most people would have already read about the case of the dog trainer abusing her dog at one of the obedience competition held at the EXPO.

Below is the witness' account on her Facebook.

Hello Kitty Bubbly World Series From Mcdonald's

Hello Kitty fans rejoice!

McDonald's is celebrating Hello Kitty’s 40th Anniversary and Singapore is the first country in the world to receive the exclusive Hello Kitty Bubbly World series!

Inspired by the fashion trend of polka dots, each character in the series will be decked out in colourful and fun costumes from her friends’ wardrobes!

Everyone's Talking About Redmi. Have You Jumped On The Bandwagon Yet?

Redmi, or Hongmi is a reference to its Chinese name 红米 meaning red rice.

If you have not already heard, Redmi have been selling like hotcakes in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and now Singapore, it's first venture outside China.

When I first learn that Redmi is a China phone, the first question I asked myself is "will it explode"?

All that caution is thrown out of the window when I'm reminded that iPhone is also made in China. Some of Redmi's components are made in FOXCONN, the same factory that assembles iPhones.

To be honest, I do not know much about phones. I know nothing about MIUI or Snapdragon and I can't tell WDCMA apart from GSM. 

All I knew is, this phone is a bargain at SGD169!

Movie: Rigor Mortis 《僵尸》 2013

I know it is a little late to do a review for this movie now since it was released in the theaters last November but I only got round to watching it a few days ago.

The film began with Auntie Mui (Nina Paw Hee-Ching/鲍起静) lying in a pool of blood and the camera pans to the injured Yau (Anthony Chan/陈友) leaning against a crumbling wall.

Nearby, the dying Chin (钱小豪) flips to his back weakly, stares into the sky and his flashback begins.

Chin - the protagonist of the movie - plays himself, a has-been movie actor moving into a very old apartment apparently to end his life.

With a rope round his neck, he listens to the voice mails left by his beloved son and reminisce about life with his wife and son during happier times.

There is no mention of what happened to his family but in his flashback, they were seen walking away from him with their eyes turning white which I interpret as they are dead?

He finally kicked away the stool he was standing on.

新加坡动物园 Singapore Zoo 2014

It was around noon when I left the Singapore River Safari. The staff stamped my hand with a chop so I could re-enter if I want to.

After thanking her, I made my way towards the Zoo entrance and again gained free entrance with my complimentary ticket. I think it is so nice of Wildlife Reserves to open up their parks for free to Singaporeans on their birthdays.

If only Resort World Sentosa would do the same... Heh heh!

河川生态园 Singapore River Safari 2014

I have been wanting to visit the Singapore River Safari ever since it opened its door a year ago. However, not all of the exhibits were complete hence, I decided to put off my visit till they are fully ready.

The park was finally completed last December and I feel the time for my visit has come.

While looking for information on the Wildlife Reserves website, I discovered that Singaporeans and PRs enjoy free admission to all of WRS parks during their birthdays!

What better timing to take advantage of this offer as my birthday is just approaching?

Galicier Confectionery @ Tiong Bahru

If you are in the vicinity of Tiong Bahru, do not give this old-school confectionery a miss. While the nondescript shopfront does not say much about it's offerings, it is in fact, a treasure trove filled with a good variety of nonya kuehs.

Auntie Jenny, the lady behind the counter is very helpful with suggestions on what I could buy as I was overwhelmed by the mere sight of these delectable kuehs in front of me.

I cannot help but wished I could have a bite of everything!

Well, who wouldn't? Everyone would be spoilt for choice here at Galicier.

KL-Styled Wanton Mee @ Jurong Point Malaysia Boleh!

Malaysia Boleh! is a themed foodcourt located at the new wing of Jurong Point Shopping Mall (beside Ding Tai Fung) selling renowned Malaysian delicacies like Klang Bak Kut Teh, Penang Laksa, Ipoh Nga Choi Gai (Bean Sprouts Chicken), Petaling Street Claypot Chicken Rice, KL Wanton Mee, etc.

Opened since 2012, I have always wanted try the food here but was put off by the horrendous crowd each time I was there.

Try to avoid peak hours if you can or at least bring a friend along so one could chope a table while the other queue for the food.

I decided to drop by an hour before the lunch time crowd arrive and there's plenty of seats to choose from.

The interior is renovated to resemble the olden days when hawkers peddle their food in the streets with the stalls designed as push carts. If you have been to Malaysian Food Street at RWS, you would understand what I am talking about.


Are you a child of the 80s?

Do you remember playing 8-bit games like Tetris, Space Invaders, Pac Man and Donkey Kong?

I recalled spending hours playing in front of the TV via the game console and almost breaking the joystick! 

PIXELS is a award winning film directed by Patrick Jean. How many childhood game characters can you spot in this brilliant video?

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Get Ready For More With The New KFC Rice Bucket!

KFC Singapore has just launched a new rice item - the KFC Rice Bucket. That got me real excited because I love chicken rice AND KFC and what better way to combine both!

When I first saw the TVC and poster, I thought the so-call "bucket" would be just like the A.M porridge size which is pretty small for my appetite.

However, I was taken aback when my order came! For those who are wondering about the size of the bucket, I can assure you that it is huge! The bucket is literally a 饭桶 (rice bucket)!

The KFC Rice Bucket comes in two different flavors:  Á La King sauce with mixed veggies and Original Recipe Sauce with mushrooms.

I opt for the latter.

Anti-Rape Security Pants For Ladies! *NSFW*

Hey ladies, are you concerned about your safety when returning home late at night?

Fret not!

Headmuns Security Pants is here to your rescue!

Just put on a pair of this security pants and you can kiss your worries goodbye.

No more fears about getting raped or robbed as Ploy Nyam demonstrates how this amazing security pants work!

Save your pussy, save your clitoris!

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兄弟啰惹 Brothers Rojak @ Clementi Central

brothers rojak, clementi central, food, food review, personal, taupok pau, you char kway, 兄弟, 兄弟啰惹, 啰惹,
Brothers Rojak

As a former resident of Clementi, I have lost count the number of times that I have walked past this unassuming stall tucked away at a corner of See Lam Hern coffeeshop.

Well, who could blame me when there are lots more choices at the nearby Clementi Central Market & Food Centre?

Till the day my family moved out of the neighborhood, I have not once eaten the rojak here. In fact, I did not even know that there is a rojak stall here!

What a shame isn't it?

I only got to learn about them many years later on the internet which prompted me to return to my old neighborhood to have a try.

秋莲板面 Qiu Lian Ban Mian @ Jurong East Westgate

ban mian, food, jurong east, qiu lian ban mian, westgate, 秋莲板面,food review
Qiu Lian Ban Mian at Westgate

I remember I had my very first bowl of Ban Mian from Qiu Lian Ban Mian (秋莲板面) some twenty years ago during my schooling days in the 90s.

Ban Mian is a traditional noodle dish with Hakka origins (some say Hokkien) and it is Qiu Lian who introduces it to the masses in Singapore.

Well, I could be wrong though but I do not recall seeing any other Ban Mian stalls around prior my first bowl at Qiu Lian.

It was only after sometime that other Ban Mian stalls began sprouting all over the island when the dish became popular and gained a foothold in the local food scene.

At that time, the novelty of seeing your noodle being handmade (with the pasta machine) in front of you was something new to me and the chewy texture of the noodles was a refreshing change from the usual mee pok, mee kia, kway teow, etc...

Hotplate Grilled Chicken Chop From Yilmaz Western @ Ang Mo Kio Ave 6

Fish & Chips $5.50

A few months ago, I visited Yilmaz Western intending to try the Hotplate Grilled Chicken Chop but as it was not ready yet, I had the Fish & Chips instead.

I told myself that somehow, I must return for the Hotplate Grilled Chicken Chop and that opportunity came just a couple of days before Christmas when my parents and I happened to be around the vicinity of Ang Mo Kio. 

I ordered a Fish & Chips for the folks to try and a Hotplate Grilled Chicken Chop for myself.

As mentioned in the previous post, I am most impressed by the generous portion and the economical pricing.

The Fish & Chips scored rather well with my folks but just how did the Hotplate Grilled Chicken Chop fare?