Sentosa Sandsation 2017

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As part of the island's 45th anniversary celebrations, Sentosa will be hosting Southeast Asia's largest sand festival "Sentosa Sandsation 2017" at Siloso Beach.

Spreading over 2,400 square metres, Sentosa Sandsation 2017 will feature more than 30 larger-than-life sand sculptures with some measuring over 5 metres.

The exhibition have three zones, each offering a different experience.

Yong Kee Fish Ball Noodle @ ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre

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Located directly opposite Fatty Cheong is another famous stall called Yong Kee Famous Fish Ball Noodle which is famed for it's handmade fish balls.

Other than fish ball noodle ($3/$4/$5),  they also serve mushroom minced meat noodle aka bak chor mee ($4/$5) and canned abalone noodle ($12).

Since the stall is revered by foodies, I had to give it a try.

While queuing to place my order, I heard a commotion between the lady boss and the customer in front of me. Apparently, the customer wanted the $3 bowl but did not inform the lady boss who had already prepared the $4 serving.

Fatty Cheong Wanton Noodle @ ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre

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A week ago, I visited ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre specifically aiming for the wanton noodle from a roast stall called Fatty Cheong because I have heard so much about their bu jian tian char siew which is actually BBQ pork made from the pig's arm pit.

In order to avoid the lunch crowd, I intentionally arrive slightly after 11am - their stipulated opening hour listed on hungrygowhere and burpple.

To my dismay, they seem far from ready for business as the lights are not on and there are no roasts hanging on the racks. 

I did not want to waste any time so I went through my food list and decided to go for the next available stall opened at that time which is Wow Wow West.

The plan was to wait for Fatty Cheong to get ready while having my chicken chop but as fate would have it, I am too full from my western food to have anything else.

Furthermore, by the time I finished, it was nearing noon and Fatty Cheong is still not opened yet.

I have to leave in disappointment and plan another trip back soon.

Wow Wow West Western Food - Chicken Chop @ ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre

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I have long heard of this western stall called Wow Wow West that serves big portions of western food for reasonable prices at ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre.

Even though I go to the nearby IKEA Alexandra quite frequently, I was often too lazy to make a detour to the food centre.

Wow Wow West used to be located at the school canteen of Raffles Institution (RI) however, the school holidays meant that income would be badly affected so they had no choice but to relocate first to Bukit Merah View Market & Food Centre before finally settling down at the current location.

I was full of anticipation for their chicken chop after reading many raving reviews about them online.

Furthermore, I feel there is a need to support the stall because they support the Yellow Ribbon Project by hiring ex-offenders. I personally think it is awesome of them to give the ex-offenders a second chance to set their lives straight and contribute to society.

Fuzhou Poh Hwa Oyster Cake @ Berseh Food Centre

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If memory does not fail me, I was first acquainted with the Fuzhou oyster cake more than two decades ago in a coffeeshop next to the Commonwealth Theater which is one of the two cinemas (the other being Empress Cineplex) in Clementi.

Commonwealth Theater has since been torn down and redeveloped into the current Cityvibe. The oyster cake stall has also closed down before the destruction of Commonwealth Theater began.

Its new location or whether it is even in operations for that matter, remains unknown.

Those were the days when the age of internet (and mobile phones) were still not as widespread therefore I have no means to track it down.

And that, was last time that I had had any oyster cake.