Chicken House - Succulent Yellow Skinned Kampong Chicken @ Kilat Court

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I have always been intrigued by the yellow skinned poached chickens from Hong Kong that I often see on tv and I am glad to have found one not too far from my place. 

Located in a coffee shop called Chicken House at Kilat Court along Lorong Kilat, I am not sure if the chickens here are the same or even comparable to the ones from Hong Kong. Nevertheless, compared to the pale looking ones which we have been enjoying for years, this felt like a breathe of fresh air. 

I ordered to takeaway a ji wei fan (鸡尾饭) which is basic[ally the part from the butt to the thigh area. This portion is generally smoother and juicier than say, the breast. 

However, I was told that they have run out of ji wei and if drumstick is okay. Well, I am more than happy to oblige but the price seems a little steep at $4.70. 

A mini tub of garlic chili and dark soya sauce were included alongside my pack of chicken rice.

Zhen Wang Family Restaurant - Nameless Braised Duck Rice @ Bukit Timah Plaza

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I cannot believe what a dork I have been, letting such a gem of a braised duck rice slipping by under my nose all these years! 

Bukit Timah Plaza has been my childhood playground since the Yaohan era but I have never noticed this Zhen Wang Family Restaurant before. 

It was not until recently that I learned of this nameless duck rice stall located inside the eatery on a social media post. I was scratching my head over the existence of this place wondering why I have never seen it before despite claims that it has been there for over twenty years?

I went down to take a look and I found out why.

I have always entered the building through the entrance under Anak Bukit Flyover and would head straight for the escalator to go down to B2 where Yaohan, Wishbone and Waffle Town are. 

The eatery is located at the far end near the escalator side on B1 where I admittedly have never ever turned to look in that direction before. 

My habit upon reaching Bukit Timah Plaza is to head to B2 because that is where all my favorite shops are.

Come to think of it, I hardly go to the other floors where the maid agencies, tuition centre, music school and other specialty shops are. 

This explains why I have not seen or even heard of Zhen Wang Family Restaurant.

Waffle Town - Bowing Out After 20 Years @ Balmoral Plaza

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The problem with people is that we tend to take things for granted. We started feeling sorry for ourselves when we realized we are going to lose something dear to our hearts.

When news broke earlier this week that Waffle Town is going to shutter their doors for good sometime this month (18th May), a piece of me died inside.

I kind of agree with this line that I read somewhere: "We whine about a favorite place closing. When it is finally closed, we clamor to have it back but the moment it does, we visit only once and never return again"

I am quite guilty of this myself. My last visit to Waffle Town was in fact five years back and I have not done so since then.

However, to prove that I am still a die-hard fan, I decided to have one last meal here for memory's sake.

I thought I was being smart by coming early to beat the queue but what I did not expect was that opening hour has been delayed by sixty minutes later than usual. By then, more people have arrived and I had to stand in line for almost an hour before it reached my turn to order.

I ordered three items: two piece chicken meal ($8.30), waffle ala-mode with blueberries and rum & raisin ice cream ($6.50) and fish burger ($3.50).

There is table service here so take a seat after placing your order and someone will send the order to your table.