Recipe: Yong Tau Foo Soup 酿豆腐汤

The Yong Tau Foo originated from the chinese ethnic group, Hakka.

It is basically Tofu stuffed with minced meat (add some salted fish to the minced meat mixture for that extra oomph!) and deep fried.

My Mum is a Hakka so she would made it for us periodically.

I guess as time progresses, people became more health conscious resulting in more varieties being made with vegetables such as brinjal, okra, chilli pepper and bittergourd.

The name Yong Tau Foo has thus been used liberally to apply to foods prepared in this manner.

Yong Tau Foo in soup is generally a healthy (just omit the fried stuffs) one-meal dish comprising mostly of vegetables.

Well, it just happened that it is one of those days when I felt lazy and do not want to cook up a storm in the kitchen.

I bought some pieces of Yong Tau Foo from the wet market and simply threw them into the stock in the evening and voila, dinner is served.

Serve this over a piping hot bowl of steamed rice.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

Bon appetit!

Video: Taming The Alaskan Hummingbird

"The Shot"

I was captivated by this stunning video of a Hummingbird feeding off someone's hand. It was a beautiful moment detailing the trust the bird had in that person.

You can read about the story behind the shot here if you are interested.

Watch the video below.

Videos: The Etiquette Of Texting While Walking

Exactly my pet peeve!

Have you ever been annoyed, at one time or another, by someone in front of you who's walking and texting at the same time?

Urgh! Don't you wish you could shove that person out of your way?

This is especially frustrating when you are pressing for time.

As the video explains, it is plain inconsiderate and potentially dangerous!

Move to one side when you need to text so you do not delay the person walking behind you.

Singaporeans Are Miserable, Smelly, Un-helpful, And Rude?

We found the city heavily polluted, way to (sic) crowded, un-charistmatic, bland, and basically a complete waste of time. We concluded that in Singapore there is nothing worth seeing, the temples were un-memorable and crammed inbetween the busy streets, not worth a visit! [via]

Before we get all defensive, remember MP Baey Yam Keng's teachings?
 We need to reflect upon ourselves, are we the way they described?  [via]
So, are we really what the tourist has made us out to be?

Food for thought?

Seng Huat Bak Chor Mee @ North Bridge Road

Bak Chor Mee $3.50

Bak Chor Mee (aka Minced Pork Noodle) has always been one of my favored noodle dish.

When I was at Bugis to see the 3D Street Art by Joe Hill the other day, I thought why not cross over to Seng Huat Eating House at Liang Seah Street for a quick bite?

I had specifically requested for extra vinegar and spiciness but they had either forgotten about my request or added too little to make a difference.

Despite that, however, Seng Huat Bak Chor Mee did not fail me. The al dente mee pok tossed in a winning concoction of chilli and vinegar was such a delight!

Memories At Old Ford Factory

During one of my history lessons many years ago, I have learnt that the British surrendered unconditionally to the Japanese at the Old Ford Factory located along Upper Bukit Timah.

I had always thought that the Old Ford Factory have been left vacanted ever since the war ended.

An abandoned building with such a historical story behind it would surely be home to many grievous spirits? (I really outta hand it to my vivid imagination sometimes!)  

Coincidentally, that is where I had to pass by on my way to school every day.

Maybe that is why I would often get the creeps each time my bus pass by it during my journey to school in the pre-dawn hours.

After graduation, I was still fascinated by the rich history associated with the building (albeit still fearful of whatever thing that could be lurking inside).

What I did not know was that The Ford Motor Factory has actually resumed operations after the war in 1947 and was shut down in 1980. 

It was only a week ago that I learnt the building was gazzetted as a national monument and already turned into a exhibition gallery from 2006.

Silly me! And I thought the building is still in ruins!

3D Street Art By Joe Hill At Parco Bugis Junction

Aliens VS Predators?

I'm sure you have come across such amazing 3D pavement art from your email or facebook before.

Wouldn't you have wished to see them 'live'?

In partnership with Bugis Junction, organiser National Heritage Board has brought in renowned 3D street art artist, Joe Hill from the UK, to present two new pieces of artwork.

The Japanese Occupation: Fall Of Singapore

Civilian War Memorial [via]

On February 15, 1942, the British surrendered to the Japanese Imperial Army due to the shortage of food and ammunition.

Thus began the horrifying Japanese Occupation which lasted three years and eight months.

In February 1962 - twenty years after the war has ended, remains belonging to civilian victims of the Japanese occupation were unearthed. The Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce& Industry undertook the responsibility of gathering the remains and creating a memorial.

In February 15, 1967, the Civilian War Memorial was built and the remains were buried under it.

This monument is composed of four similar pillars, symbolizing Singapore's four major races.

On this day every year (also known as "Total Defence Day"), the Government would hold a memorial service to remember the thousands of people killed during the occupation.

Video: Elton John - Your Song

Really like this ad

Just ignore the KFC bits...

Video: The Malaysia I-City KFC Assault

[via malaysiakini]

A video footage of KFC staff assaulting its customer at I-City in Shah Alam, Malaysia has gone viral on the internet. 

In the video, three male staff stormed out of the counter and one of them was seen trying to hold back the other two from approaching the victim.

As more staff emerged from within, one of them suddenly dashed forward amid the confusion and punched the victim, causing him to fall onto a chair.

Rumors were rife that the victim had insulted the KFC staff with degratory words which led to the attack.

The victim, Danny Ng, held the press conference to clarify and deny allegations by netizens that the assault was due to him uttering vuglar and discriminatory words at the KFC staff.

While Ng admitted that he was angry and had shouted at the staff, he stressed he “definitely did not use vulgarities or make racial slurs.”  [via JakartaGlobe]

视频: 狗狗的悲歌 - 爱我就别弃养我








Video: I Wanna Be A Greedy Corrupt Official When I Grow Up

What do you wanna be when you grow up?

港人登报反蝗虫海报 Ad calling PRCs 'locusts' runs in Hong Kong

获选刊登「反蝗虫」 海报


香港高登讨论区发起登报行动,共同集资约10万港元以狮子山为题材,制作了「反蝗虫海报」 -  暗指中国大陆客是蝗虫来侵占香港资源。

Kong Qing Dong, a University Professor in Peking has riled millions in Hong Kong after criticizing Hong Kong citizens as "dogs", "bastards" and "thieves" on an online talkshow.

In retaliation, netizens from Hong Kong Golden Forum funded a full page advertisement on Apple Daily - branding the PRCs as locusts for infiltrating Hong Kong and exhausting all her resources.

Sentosa Flowers 2012: Enchanted Spring

By the time this post is up, I would have already visited Sentosa twice - the first time being the week before Chinese New Year and the second time during the annual Sentosa Flowers (圣淘沙春節花會).

I will be combining shots from both visits into one post. I have blogged about the Sentosa Boardwalk in the previous post. I shall now begin this post with entering Sentosa.