Video: The Malaysia I-City KFC Assault

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A video footage of KFC staff assaulting its customer at I-City in Shah Alam, Malaysia has gone viral on the internet. 

In the video, three male staff stormed out of the counter and one of them was seen trying to hold back the other two from approaching the victim.

As more staff emerged from within, one of them suddenly dashed forward amid the confusion and punched the victim, causing him to fall onto a chair.

Rumors were rife that the victim had insulted the KFC staff with degratory words which led to the attack.

The victim, Danny Ng, held the press conference to clarify and deny allegations by netizens that the assault was due to him uttering vuglar and discriminatory words at the KFC staff.

While Ng admitted that he was angry and had shouted at the staff, he stressed he “definitely did not use vulgarities or make racial slurs.”  [via JakartaGlobe]

Watch the [video]

Here's the english press conference by the victim

Here's the mandarin press conference

Report of the press conference in the chinese paper

Was it a deliberate move to place the KFC advertisement below the report? And the irony of it was the chinese tagline that says "Enjoy the great taste AT HOME"...

Would this incident have been avoided if the victim had stayed home that evening?

It beats (pun intended) me how an established fast food giant like KFC would have allowed its restaurant to run out of chicken. Somthing smells fowl (foul) here.

Did the Store Manager not conduct a proper inventory record to ensure that there is enough stock to supply the stores' daily operations?

This is not the first time that KFC Malaysia has come under fire for the misconduct of its kitchen staff though.

In 2011, two videos of KFC staff tempering with food began circulating online: one revealed a male kitchen staff swiping the chicken parts against the sole of his shoe before dusting it with flour and setting it aside, apparently for the frying process; the other video shows a male and female staff wringing dirty water from rags into what seemed to be a pressure cooker.

Video 1
Video 2

Mohammad Alwi, KFC Malaysia’s Director of Restaurant Operations, has since made a [public apology] for the shocking videos.

Will he be making another public apology for this latest furore? I wonder what strategy will he take to repair this service breakdown with customers?


KFC Malaysia has responded.

And no, it's not Mohammad Alwi this time but Alan Au, Deputy President of KFC Malaysia.

UPDATES: (11 February)

Jess6366, the eyewitness who captured the 28 seconds assault on video has come forward to give her account of what actually happened on that fateful day at I-City KFC on 06 February.

UPDATES: (13 February)

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The assailants do not appear to be the least remorseful over their actions. (Btw, this newspaper no editor one ah?)