Video: Taming The Alaskan Hummingbird

"The Shot"

I was captivated by this stunning video of a Hummingbird feeding off someone's hand. It was a beautiful moment detailing the trust the bird had in that person.

You can read about the story behind the shot here if you are interested.

Watch the video below.

There used to be a big flowering tree just right outside my window where I work on the computer.

Each morning, there would be three Hummingbirds fluttering around the flowers, getting their daily dose of sweet nectar.

I do not know where they came from but it has been a couple of months since they first appeared.

It was almost like having an episode of Discovery Channel streaming 'live' right in front of me.

It was a breathtaking sight that I look forward to every morning.

Unfortunately, a neighbor complained to our local town council that the tree branches were getting too close to her window and regular trimmings do not seem to please her enough.

I guess her constant complaints to the town council office coupled with cost-concerns in engaging ccontractors to trim the tree regularly resulted in the total removal of the tree.

It has been a long time since I last saw those Hummingbirds again.

When will men ever stop destroying the beauty of nature for their own selfish reasons?