Eng Kee Chicken Wings @ Beauty World Food Centre

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Eng Kee Chicken Wings has recently opened their fourth outlet at Beauty World Food Centre. Needless to say, I had to go check it out for I am a fan of their fried chicken wings.

Although their outlets are all located in the West, this stall is by far, the nearest and most convenient for me. 

I have not been to Beauty World Food Centre for a short while and I am taken aback by the sudden influx of new stalls during this visit. I will write about them in my subsequent posts.

Blanco Court Fresh Fish Soup @ Beauty World Food Centre

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I am not gonna lie but the reason why I went to try out this Blanco Court Fresh Fish Soup is due to its pretty bowls which I see on almost every other table.

It seems like a hot favourite for the hikers who have finished their workout at the nearby Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.

This fish soup stall at Beauty World Food Centre serves fried fish head soup, sliced fish soup, fried fish soup, seafood soup and tom yum soup with either rice, thin bee hoon or thick bee hoon. You can request for more rice, bee hoon and evaporated milk at no additional charge.

Guan Yin Vegetarian - Mui Fan @ Beauty World Food Centre

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I am just a casual vegetarian who goes meatless on the first and fifteenth of every lunar month or when a major Buddhist event come up (e.g who's who birthday/enlightenment day, etc).

Guan Yin Vegetarian at Beauty World Food Centre basically offers two menu - the noodle soup menu (mee hoon kueh soup, dumpling noodle soup) and the rice & noodle aka tze char menu (hor fun, mui fun, ee-mian). All the dishes here are reasonably priced at just $4 and $5.

I was there during lunch time with a sizeable crowd. I initially wanted to try the mee hoon kueh but was told that there is a 30 minutes wait. However, the wait would be shorter if I order from the tze char menu instead.

As there is only one chef working within the confines of that limited stall space, it is understandably more efficient to focus on one menu instead of alternating between the two during peak hours.