SweeT.Rex Soufflé @ Mei Ling Market & Food Centre

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SweeT.Rex is a new hipster dessert stall at Mei Ling Market & Food Centre that specializes in making soufflé pancake.

Located just across from the famous Sin Kee Chicken Rice, their soufflé pancake is selling at $3 for 2 with a choice of one sauce (chocolate/strawberry/caramel).

You heard me right, the stall headed by a young couple is offering their handmade soufflé at a very affordable price!

Rolina Curry Puff @ Tanjong Pagar Plaza Market And Food Centre

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I have long heard about the Rolina brand of curry puff but all this while, I had assumed that it is the name of a Muslim woman selling it.

After some snooping around online, however, I realized the truth was far from it!

On the contrary, the business was started by Uncle Tham, who learnt his craft from a Hainanese sailor when he was 19. To make a living, he began selling his handmade Hainanese curry puffs in front of Novena Church. 

And, if you have not already guess by now, Rolina is actually a mispronunciation of the word "Novena" by a customer.

Pandan Leaf Nasi Lemak @ Tanjong Pagar Plaza Market & Food Centre

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Today, I will be trying out Pandan Leaf Nasi Lemak which is the second nasi lemak stall out of the three located at the food centre. The third stall, called Makan Sutera Nasi Lemak Pandan Rice is closed during this visit.

As it is my first time at this stall, I am clueless about the ordering procedure. I only saw the $3 and $4 pricing pasted on the glass so I told the auntie that I wanted the $4 portion.

She proceeded to ask whether I wanted the chicken wing or chicken drumstick. I opted for the latter. 

Then, came the awkward silence.

Spinach & Soup @ Tanjong Pagar Plaza Market & Food Centre

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I have just stepped into the food centre when the skies opened up and a torrent of rain poured down with a roar behind me. Any second later and I would have been drenched from head to toe.

Well, it seems like the perfect morning to have a bowl of soup then. To be precise, let's have spinach soup.

The stall I am visiting is called Spinach & Soup and they have two sets for you to choose from. Set A comes with spinach, minced pork, prawn, mushroom and wolfberry (goji berry) while Set B had spinach, minced pork, mushroom, wolfberry, century egg and salted egg.

They have recently added a new Set C to the menu which includes spinach, lobster ball, fish tofu, mushroom and wolfberry.