Shin-Chan: Urban Legend Series

Shinnosuke, or Shin Chan, the annoying yet lovable five-year-old is no stranger to all. I was first introduced to this perverted little boy via manga a long time ago and I have watched countless of the anime however, it was not until a few days ago that I found out there is actually a horror series of this anime known as 蜡笔小新都市传说系列.

Loosely translated as "Crayon Shin-chan Urban Legend Series", the anime in this series are a little dark and macabre - very different from the usual slapstick comedy I know. 

I have to admit some are quite disturbing but there are also some which are downright hilarious. I have included the links to a few of my favorite ones here for your viewing pleasure. 

"Set A" 164 Stirling Road Wanton Noodle @ Blk 164 Stirling Road

A while back, I went to a nondescript coffeeshop in Stirling Road for the special "Set A" Wanton Noodle but due to my oversight while ordering, I had the 'normal' Wanton Noodle instead.

I returned to Stirling Road again, determined to have the special "Set A" Wanton Noodle. This time, I pointed to the photo by the side of the stall, making sure that the lady inside saw me doing that.

The normal Wanton Noodle came with only char siew and boiled Wantons but the 'special' had additional braised Mushrooms and fried Wantons.

Shi Hui Yuan Hor Fun Specialty 实惠园驰名香滑河粉 @ Mei Ling Market & Food Centre

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Shi Hui Yuan Hor Fun Specialty (实惠园驰名香滑河粉) at Mei Ling Market & Food Centre serves the Ipoh-styled hor fun which is another one of my favorite food. Yet, they are not exactly Ipoh-styled as their sauce are made with about thirty kinds of herbs.

Apparently, the hor fun is so good, it was included in the Michelin Bib Gourmand List 2016 and 2017.

Prior to my visit, I have read the story about the elderly couple running the stall. Unfortunately, the auntie suffered from a stroke so the daughter started coming to help out. Even though the auntie had to be in a wheelchair, she would be sitting near the stall everyday giving her husband and daughter moral support.

My heart goes out to them after knowing their plight. Perhaps due to auntie's ailment, they were only able to open for business four days a week.

I was expecting to see them in person when I was there however, all I see were two middle-aged men and a elderly man inside the stall. Is the elderly man the uncle? Where is the auntie and their daughter then? And who are these middle-aged men?

Xin Lu Teochew Fishball Kway Teow Mee Soup 新路潮州鱼圆粿條面汤 @ Mei Ling Market & Food Centre

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Not far from 164 Stirling Road Wanton Noodle is Mei Ling Market & Food Centre. It is a two-storey building where residents can do their marketing on the ground floor before going for their breakfast at the food centre up stairs.

As Stirling Road is a mature estate, my initial thoughts about the food centre is that it would be dark, dirty and maybe bad air-circulation as well.

My first visit to the food centre last week, however, painted a very different picture. The food centre is extremely clean with no litter on the floor, illumination is bright, there is no buildup of dirty bowls on the tables, and the area is spacious and airy with the high ceiling. You will not leave the food centre smelling like Char Kway Teow or Fried Carrot Cake.

This is all thanks to a upgrading programe which I just found out was completed about eight years ago. Even though it has been years since the upgrading, its condition is as good as new.

I must say this is by far the most well-maintained food centre I had ever seen.

164 Stirling Road Wanton Noodle @ Blk 164 Stirling Road

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For years, a nameless Wanton Noodle stall has been dishing out delicious Wanton Noodle in a dingy-looking coffeeshop at Stirling Road - one of Singapore's oldest estate - in Queenstown.

Fronted by an aged signboard with a generic "Wanton Noodle" written in both English and Chinese, the fading photos on it bear witness to the years they have toiled in the stall, faithfully serving the residents in this neighborhood.

According to my research, the stall used to be called Chun Ji (春记) however, the name is not on the signboard anymore. It is now more commonly known as "164 Stirling Road Wanton Noodle" with reference to its location under block 164.

I came to learn about this noodle stall while reading up on the must-eats at Meiling Market & Food Centre which is only a few minutes walk away. As photos of the Wanton Noodle looked so enticing, I decided that a visit to the stall is a must.

Long Kee Wanton Noodle 隆记云吞面 @ Blk 505 Jurong West Food Centre

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Jurong West Food Centre has no lack of Wanton Noodle stalls. Based on my memory, there are at least four of them but there could be more though as I did not really go and count.

Apart from Kok Kee Wanton Noodle, the other notable one with a perpetual queue is Long Kee Wanton Noodles.

I have tried their Chicken Feet Noodle before which is not too bad. The chicken feet were well-braised and tender and I remember liking it very much then. This time, I tried their Wanton Noodle which comes in two different sizes at $3 and $4.