Sky Bluez - Masala Dosa @ 210 Choa Chu Kang Ave 1

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A week ago, I was having my mee hoon kueh at 216 Coffee Shop along 216 Choa Chu Kang Ave 1 when I noticed this Indian Muslim eatery next door called Sky Bluez Food Hub Pte Ltd.

In my mind, I was already making plans to return the following week to try their pratas. 

Fast forward a week later, I set off from home and reached my destination at around 7am.

There was just one customer before me and the moment he left, I made an order for a egg prata and a plain one. Unfortunately, the staff told me that prata is unavailable.

I do not get it. How could a prata place not have any pratas at 7am? Is that not a staple for any Indian food establishment worth their salt? Puzzled, I asked what do they have then?

He took a look at the sauces and replied, "Dosa".

"I will have the masala dosai then".

He gave me a nod and proceeded to the back of the empty kitchen.

216 Mee Hoon Kueh @ 216 Choa Chu Kang Ave 1

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This is a continuation from my previous post, where I visited 216 Coffee Shop along 216 Choa Chu Kang Ave 1 for its chee cheong fun.

As mentioned previously, the coffee shop was a stone's throw away from my house. I arrived at around 7am to place an order for the chee cheong fun. I anticipated that the rice rolls would not keep me satiate for long hence, I also ordered a bowl of dry mee hoon kueh ($4) for good measure.

Just like the chee cheong fun stall, the mee hoon kueh stall does not have a signboard as well therefore, allow me to call it 216 Mee Hoon Kueh.

I was given a number tag and told to take a seat.

216 Chee Cheong Fun @ 216 Choa Chu Kang Ave 1

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The location that I am headed for today is just a ten minutes walk away from my place.

Having lived in my area for the last thirty-odd years, not once have I come to this part of the neighborhood for breakfast. And it is high time I did.

216 Coffee Shop is situated at 216 Choa Chu Kang Ave 1. It is a small coffee shop housing just a coffee stall, a mee hoon kueh stall and the subject of today's review - the chee cheong fun stall.

The stall does not have a signboard so, allow me to call it 216 Chee Cheong Fun.

I only got to know about this chee cheong fun through words of mouth from someone who, ironically, stayed at the other end of the country.

So, I took a brisk walk from my house and reached the coffee shop just before 7am however, there are no customers at all. I was secretly screaming for joy on the inside because that meant I could take all the photos I wanted without being judged by anyone.

You Peng Noodle Dumpling House - Sour & Spicy Noodle @ Beauty World Food Centre

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You Peng Noodle Dumpling House at Beauty World Food Centre is immensely popular for their affordably priced xiao long bao (小笼包) and jiaozi (饺子) that are freshly made at the stall daily.

Despite located at a inconspicuous location of the food centre, the stall continues to attract a healthy queue of followers who are willing to stand in line for their fix of dumplings. It is a norm to see individuals savoring multiple bamboo steamers of xiao long bao at one go.

To be honest, I am not too big a fan of either as I find such pork fillings usually too heavily marinated for my liking. 

That is why I tend to avoid pork items like siew maixiao long bao and even big pau as they tastes the same to me after a while which can be a little overwhelming. 

Penang Home Made Beef Balls @ Beauty World Food Centre

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Penang Home Made Beef Ball at Beauty World Food Centre offer a few selection of dishes such as beef ball noodle soup, mixed beef noodle soup, braised beef brisket noodle, beef hor fun and beef fried rice. All the dishes here are reasonably priced at a flat rate of $5.

Footfall here pales in comparison to their ever popular neighbor, Top 1 Hand Made Noodle which attracts a constant queue everyday.

I decide to give them a try anyway, and ordered the braised beef brisket noodle. You can opt for yellow noodle, kway teow, mee kia and chor bee hoon.

Noodlefellas - Lor Mee @ Beauty World Food Centre

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Update: Kopifellas has shifted right next to Noodlefellas. The address has been updated at the end of this post.

Noodlefellas is yet another relatively new stall at Beauty World Food Centre. 

Set up by the people behind Kopifellas who took up another stall at another row in the food centre, I am excited to see new entrants setting up business here, injecting new life and vibrancy to the 36 years old premise which narrowly escaped from a acquisition fate just a couple of years ago.

I guess it is a no brainer as to what the two stalls had to offer judging by their names? 

Noodlefellas had fish ball noodle, fish ball soup, minced meat noodle, laksa, sliced abalone noodle and my favorite hawker dish, lor mee included on its menu.

Little Red Dot House Of Noodle - Prawn Paste Pork Chop Noodle @ Beauty World Food Centre

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Update: Little Red Dot House Of Noodle has relocated. The new address has been updated at the bottom of this post. 

A majority of the stalls were still closed when I reached Beauty World Food Centre at around 9am. Only Top 1 Handmade Noodle and Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Noodle Rice were in service in the early morning but I did not come for those.

There is another stall that opened even earlier than the two stalls. I had come for the prawn paste pork chop noodle from a stall named Little Red Dot House Of Noodle. According to their Facebook, they serve "traditional Hong-Kong style noodles with 古早味".

Other than the usual wanton noodle and dumpling noodle, they also have braised chicken wing noodle, prawn paste chicken wing noodle, braised pork trotter noodle and prawn paste pork chop noodle.

I actually got to know about them through a sponsored post on Facebook that appeared in my feed. I do not recall seeing this stall at the food centre before so I snooped around their Facebook and found out that they are newly opened in August 2020. Before that, they used to operate at 375 Upper Aljunied Road.

While at their previous premise, they serve a different menu of chicken rice and roasts.

Jin Li Satay Bee Hoon @ Beauty World Food Centre

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Update: Jin Li Satay Bee Hoon has permanently closed.

I must admit that I am not exactly a satay bee hoon person therefore, you will not find any satay bee hoon reviews here in this blog. I do like satay but I find the pairing of the sauce with bee hoon is kind of weird for me.

However, I am willing to make an exception for Jin Li Satay Bee Hoon at Beauty World Food Centre because something about the stall reminded me so much of how a typical hawker stall in the 1980's looked like.

After all, Beauty World was built nearly forty years ago. I believe most of the older stalls here have not gone through much changes since day one.

As a child of that era, I missed the good old days when life were simpler and I really appreciate the 80s vibes the stall is giving me.

Top 1 Handmade Noodle @ Beauty World Food Centre

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Top 1 Handmade Noodle at Beauty World Food Centre is highly raved among ban mian fans. I had wanted to give them a try since a long time ago but have always been turned off by the never-ending queue in front of the stall.

Perhaps due to the pandemic, there were a lot less people than usual when I visited the food centre today. What better time to join the queue than now?

But joining the queue is just the first hurdle. I stood in line for about twenty minutes before I finally get to place my order with the female stall helper. After making payment, I was told to wait at one side.

If you are dining in, you will be given a ticket number. It is then another round of waiting for your number to flash on the screen to collect your order (I waited for about another ten odd minutes). If you are taking away, she will call out to you therefore, wait where she could see you.

While waiting, I noticed her accepting phone orders so there may be invisible orders before yours. Manage your expectations regarding the waiting time. Do not join the queue if you are rushing for time. They do not entertain refunds unless the waiting time exceeds thirty minutes.