Hokkien Rhymes

This fun and whimsical project presents an investigation into rhymes from the local Hokkien dialect and their gradual disappearance.

These rhymes are prevalent in pockets of conversations among an older generation of Singaporeans. Sadly, these quaint rhymes are being eroded through lack of use, with no written records. This project aims to preserve a selection of these quaint rhymes before they disappear.

Movie: Jurassic Park 3D

Cast: Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, Richard Attenborough
Director: Steven Spielberg
Genre: Adventure/Science-Fiction
Language: English
Release Date: 30 May 2003
Distributor: UIP
Official Site: Jurassic Park

First of all, if you are wondering, this is not a new sequel to the 1993 franchise but the very first Jurassic Park that debuted on the big screen 20 years ago. It was remastered into 3D to commemorate the film's twentieth anniversary.

When billionaire John Hammond (Richard Attenborough) devised a way to genetically clone dinosaurs, he invites experts of this field - Paleontologist Alan Grant (Sam Neill) and Palaeobotanist Ellie Sadler (Laura Dern) - to a remote island at the coast of Costa Rica for a sneak peek at his unfinished park, hoping they would endorse it to appease the nervous investors and the laywer who represented them. But when the park's security system is sabotaged by a disgruntled employee, hell breaks loose and the visitors are left to fend for themselves against the park's hungry inhabitants.

Video: Road Rage

This incident which happened outside the Civil Service Club at Tessensohn Road was caught on camera by the victim's dashboard camera.

In the video, the victim - a taxi driver was seen slowing down as there is another taxi in front.

It is not clear why there are so many people crowding around the taxi in front but it is evident that they are obstructing the traffic.

The driver horned about four times but upon hearing it, a fat man rushed out in a menacing manner, banging on the victim's bonnet with his fist while a skinny man went over to the driver's side and yelled at the victim to get down from his vehicle.

Happy Vesak 2013

For the uninitiated, Vesak Day is to commemorate the birth, enlightenment and the passing away of Gautama Buddha

It rained rather heavily on Vesak morning but that did not dampen our spirits to visit the Singapore Buddhist Youth Mission at Clementi.

The rain turned into a drizzle upon our arrival and I realized that there is something very different this year compared to previous years. The bazaar which used to be built on the road right in front of the temple's entrance was now built at the court beside it instead.

From what I observed, this arrangement effectively ease the traffic - both vehicular and human. The endless crowd of devotees going into the temple no longer have to jostle with those browsing at the bazaar. 

The freed-up space also meant that vehicles could drive all the way in and u-turn their way out instead of making 3-point turns on the stretch of narrow road and endangering all the people walking on the road.

Please Help This Elderly Man At Ang Mo Kio

While having lunch at Ang Mo Kio a few days ago, an elderly man approached my table and began consolidating all the leftovers from the different bowls into one.

Initially, I thought he is the cleaner here to clear up the table so I did not pay him much attention until he sat down and began to eat out of that bowl!

I was shaken by what I had seen and I knew that I have to help him somehow but how do I go about it without hurting his feelings?

Yunus N Family @ Ang Mo Kio Central Food Centre

Mee Soto is one of my favorite Malay food.

In fact, it is the first Malay dish that I was introduced to when I was young. So far, the best Mee Soto I had is the one from the GSMB canteen at Ayer Rajah. Alas, it is a military camp where I no longer have the authority to visit anymore.

My favorite way of having Mee Soto is to dunk a begedil or fried chicken wing into the soup. I would first eat up all the mee and ingredients before taking my time to enjoy the soggy begedil/fried chicken wing.

Fish & Chips From Yilmaz Western @ Ang Mo Kio Ave 6

The initial plan was to visit Rasa Sayang Western Food at the S11 coffee shop located at Ang Mo Kio Ave 8 (next to MS Color) but due to some unforseen circumstances, I ended up visiting Yilmaz Western instead.

Fortunately, I had done my homework the night before and have a backup plan if not, I would have made a wasted trip!

Over at Yilmaz Western, the specialty I have heard about was their Grilled Chicken Chop which was served on a sizzling hotplate.

Unfortunately, I was informed that the Grilled Chicken Chop is not ready yet and the boss suggested me to order something else. I was a tad disappointed but as I did not want to return empty handed, I ordered a Fish & Chips instead.

Video: The Coolest Melting Machine

You know what's cooler than having a can of 7-Up to cool yourself on a hot, sweltering day?

When the vending machine is made entirely out of ice, of course!

As the block of ice starts melting away, the cans of 7-Up frozen within is then up for grabs.

Don't you think it's a refreshing change to see such ingenius marketing from a different carbonated drink company this time round?

Let's watch it.

Batam 2013: One Day Tour

It has been close to twenty years since I last visited Batam with my secondary school friends. At that time, we went to Waterfront City and the chalet bungalows had only just been completed.

When I learn that my brother had booked us a one day trip to Batam on Labour Day, I was elated to revisit this slow-paced city again!

Early that morning, I brought my folks to meetup with my brother and his in-laws for breakfast at Habourfront where the Singapore Cruise Centre is located on the second floor.

After breakfast, we went up to check in to board the ferry but was told that the gate has already been closed even though we arrived at the stipulated time as told by the tour agency.

The personnel spoke to someone via the walkie walkie and we were given the green light to proceed as the ferry have not departed yet.

We hurried in and was just in time to hear our names being announced over the PA system.

Navy Open House 2013

Set your course and embark on a navy experience with us!

Take the ship’s helm, man the guns, and visit the bridge to get a sense of what life’s really like rolling the waves on the high seas. More than just the sea and the sun, there are also lots of fun and other entertainments for the family. Visit us at the NS Portal booth @ HEART Tent, and you will get to play games and win cool prizes!