Faith Nasi Lemak, Fried Bee Hoon/Mee @ Redhill Market & Food Centre

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Since I would be dropping by Redhill Market & Food Centre to support the relaunch of Redhill Pork Porridge, I took the opportunity to check out the other stalls which I did not managed to during my last visit two years ago.

What caught my interest is this stall named Faith Nasi Lemak, Fried Bee Hoon/Mee. 

As its name implies, the stall offers nasi lemak and fried bee hoon/mee with a wide array of dishes to choose from.

However, unlike other economical bee hoon stalls where the nasi lemak plays second fiddle, the opposite seemed to be the case here with the coconut rice dish hogging the limelight.

Just take a look at their impressive menu on the signboard:

Set 1) Chicken Cutlet Rice with cabbage and egg ($4) 
Set 2) Sweet & Sour Chicken Rice with cabbage and egg ($4)
Set 3) Chicken Wing Rice with cabbage and egg ($3.80)
Set 4) Fish Fillet Rice with egg, silver fish and peanut ($2.80)
Set 5) Chicken Wing + Luncheon Meat Rice with egg, silver fish and peanut ($4)
Set 6) Chicken Wing + Fish Fillet Rice ($3.80)
Set 7) Chicken Drumstick Rice with egg, silver fish and peanut ($4.70)
Set 8) Curry Chicken Drumstick Rice with cabbage and egg ($4.80)
Set 9) Pork Cutlet Rice with cabbage and egg ($4.80)

That is a grand total of nine different nasi lemak sets with no mention of the bee hoon and mee

I opted for Set 7 that come with a deep fried chicken drumstick, egg, silver fish and peanut.

Gimee Face Noodle House @ Blk 371 Bukit Batok Street 31

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I have not been to this coffee shop at Blk 371 Bukit Batok Street 31 for the last three years since the beginning of the pandemic.

When I finally paid a visit this week, I was surprised to learn that a new noodle stall named Gimee Face Noodle House have taken up space here.

I have heard of the branding before which is a chain co-owned by Tenderfresh’s COO Kelvin Chua and Bakerzin's Daniel Tay.

Stepping foot into the coffee shop, it is not difficult to spot the stall with its eye-catching signboard and impressive menu:

01) Original Pork Noodle ($4.30)
02) Abalone Pork Noodle
03) Spicy Volcano Mee Kia Soup ($7.30)
04) Longevity Mee Sua Dry ($5.30)
05) Mala Spicy Pork Noodle ($5.30)
06) Teochew Fish Ball Noodle ($5.30)
07a) Fragrant Laksa
07b) Fragrant Seafood Laksa
08) Braised Pork Rib Noodle
09) Silky Pork Liver Noodle ($4.30)
10) Fish Ball Kway Teow Soup ($4.30)
11) Homemade Pork Ball Soup ($4.50)
12) Bouncy Fish Ball Soup ($4.30)
13) Heibee Hiam Pork Liver ($4.30)
14) Heibee Hiam Duo Ball ($5.30)

I discovered that menu items #2, #7 and #8 are missing from the signboard. I compared the menu against the one on their Facebook and realized that, perhaps, they do not serve those here at this outlet. 

Wang Wang Claypot Congee @ Blk 371 Bukit Batok Street 31

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Wang Wang Claypot Congee from the coffee shop at Blk 371 Bukit Batok Street 31, has been faithfully serving the Bukit Gombak neighborhood for as long as I could remember. 

The fact that they managed to come this far speak volumes about their congee. An obvious tell-tale sign of their popularity with the residents here is their worn-out signboard.

I have been a fan for a number of years and I wonder what took me so long to finally do a proper review about them?

What makes the stall stand out, is that they served their congee in claypots. Not many congee places do this and this is exactly what drawn me to them. 

Let us take a look at their menu:

  • Frog Congee ($6)
  • Ginger Onion Frog/Dry Cili Frog ($6.50 for one/$12 for two)
  • Hong Kong Style Congee ($4)
  • Seafood Congee ($4)
  • Scallop with pork/chicken/fish Congee ($4)
  • Sliced Fish/Sliced Fish with Cuttlefish Congee ($3.50/$4)
  • Century Egg Pork/Chicken/Pork Congee ($3.50)
  • Cuttlefish Peanut/Century Egg Congee ($3.50)
  • Pig's Organ Congee ($4)
  • Pig's Liver Pork Congee ($3.50)
  • Century Egg Pig's Liver Congee ($3.50)
  • Shredded Chicken Cuttlefish Congee ($3.50)
  • Peanut Congee ($2.50)
  • Sliced Abalone Congee ($3.50)

Shi Mei Hainanese Chicken Rice - Smoked Duck Rice @ Blk 371 Bukit Batok Street 31

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As its name suggests, Shi Mei Hainanese Chicken Rice is known for their chicken rice, particularly the Hainanese chicken and sesame chicken which I have tried four years ago.

This time, I am back to try their lemon chicken rice.

While in the queue, I noticed a hand-written menu plastered on the wall outside the stall. I had a quick browse and spotted smoked duck rice among the usual menu of chicken and roasts.

I had my very first smoked duck just a couple of months earlier from Chinatown Omelette Chef at Chinatown Complex Market & Food Centre and I find myself liking it.

Just thinking about it makes my mouth water so I decided to have the smoked duck instead of lemon chicken and ordered a rice set for $4.50.