Singapore Zoo Celebrates Its 40th Birthday!

Officially opened on 27 June 1973, the Singapore Zoo is undisputedly one of the finest zoo around the region.

A distinct feature of the zoo is its open-concept where animals roam freely in the open. Take the Orangutans for example, visitors could observe them in close proximity among the trees via the elevated boardwalk which offers a spectacular 360° aerial view of the surroundings.

Unlike some zoos that keep their animals in concrete cells, the animals' quarters here are landscaped as closely to their natural habitat as possible so they are simulated to put on their natural behaviour as they would in the wild and with some luck, they might just start breeding!

One of the Singapore Zoo's greatest achievement is its successful breeding program for some of their endangered animals. To date, they have bred 40 Orangutans, 13 White Rhinos, 3 Sun Bears, and even a Polar Bear. It is heartening to know that the zoo's efforts towards conservation and preserving wildlife is taking off!

Something Devastating To Share; Golden Retriever And Samoyed Ended Up As Delicacy During Yuling Dog Meat Festival

A animal activist kneeling in front of the butchered dogs asking
for forgiveness while dog meat traders watched in amusement

First of all, I am a dog person so don't come argue with me about the plight of chicken and pigs. Call me a hypocrite if you will. I know, pigs are intelligent creatures too but that is not the point of this post so let's just keep it at that.

What I am going to share here is a video of a China program that features about this annual dog meat festival at Yulin, Guangxi. I am appalled to learn that there is actually a festival dedicated to men's best friend although it's for the wrong reason!

Apparently, the locals organised this festival to mark the summer solstice in the southern Guangxi province, where they feasted on dog meat with lychee wine.

What The Hail?

Today, Singapore welcomed a much sought-after rain that provided some respite for Singaporeans who had been suffocating for the last couple of days ever since the haze from Indonesia invaded our skies.

There were reports of hailstones falling in several areas of western Singapore like Chua Chu Kang, Bukit Batok and Jurong East.

The NEA announced that the rain is not toxic and Balakrishnan said that we did not do cloud seeding. It is not from the cloud seeding done in Indonesia either as the wind directions were not right.

Although relatively rare in the tropics, it was not the first time that hail has descended upon Singapore. The previous hailstone sightings was in March 27, 2008 over the central part of the country.

Toast Box Laksa

When I visited The Esplanade recently, I got so hungry that I do not think I could survive the walk over to the Marina Square food court at the opposite without fainting from hunger.

Since I am right outside Toast Box, it seem the obvious choice for me.

I really like the concept and decor at Toast Box but have been most reluctant to dine there due to their slightly higher pricing. However, it seemed to be the most economical choice viable at that crucial moment considering where I was.

If dining at Toast Box could spare my aching calves from more walking (I have been walking all day that day), I would gladly do so even if it means paying just a little more.

The Worst Haze Since 1997?

Low visibility of the Singapore Flyer

As you would have probably known by now, Singapore has been hit by one of the worst haze since 1997. In Sumatra, farmers slash-and-burn land as it is a fast and cheap process to clear space for palm oil plantations.

This inadvertently causes forest fires that pollute the air. The wind current then carried most of the smog towards our direction, leaving our island republic in a hazy situation.

The plummeting air-quality causes many to fall ill including myself who had had a asthma relapse since a week ago but with no signs of recovering.

Movie: Monsters University

In case you haven't heard, everyone's favorite monsters are back!

After twelve long years, Mike and Sulley are making a comeback with a new movie except this time, we are brought back to the very beginning where they first met in college!

It all began during a school excursion to Monster Inc. for pint-sized Mike and his elementary school friends. There, he met one of his heroes, "Frightening" Frank McCay who gave him his Monsters University cap and from that point forward, Mike is determined to attend the university and become a top scarer, just like Frank.

Economical Rice @ Kopitiam Foodcourt

"Economical Rice" (also known as mixed rice/chap chye png/chap fan/jin ji cai fan) refers to a typical chinese food stall that sells a myarid of home-cooked dishes that is accompanied by rice or thin porridge.

The food are displayed behind a glass pane in shallow, square receptacles which are kept warm on top of water heated by heating elements. When ordering, you simply point out what you want to the vendor and pay accordingly to each portion of dish you ordered.

Meat dishes typically costs more than vegetables with fish and seafood being the pricier items.

These rice stalls are a common sight around Singapore and can be found in most coffeeshops, hawker centres and even food courts.

"Economical Rice" translates to affordable meals that's easy on the pocket hence is a popular choice for many who are out to look for a thrifty meal or meal on a budget.

Apple Introduces iOS 7

We heard it would be flat. We heard it would be black and white. We heard that it would be a totally different experience.

It is. iOS 7, the latest version of Apple’s flagship mobile operating system, is here, and it’s almost entirely different from the versions that came before. Gone are the skeuomorphic designs and 3D effects, replaced by Sir Jony Ive’s “flat design.” Rumors had been flying for weeks about the new OS and now it’s here and it is, at least at this early reckoning, a massive change for the six year old operating system.

First, we must remember that Ive, Apple’s industrial designer now in control of software following the departure of Scott Forstall, isn’t a believer in interfaces that copy real-world objects. In the past, making the Notes app look like a legal pad or the calendar app look like a Moleskine calendar notebook were part of the iOS design philosophy, as ingrained in the OS as “Slide To Unlock.” All that is gone now.

Are you ready for a whole new world?

928 Yishun Laksa

928 laksa, bus interchange, laksa, yishun, yishun central, food,review,food review,singapore,辣沙, 叻沙

Hidden in a small eatery behind Yishun Bus Interchange is a well-known Laksa stall that has many accreditation and awards plastered on its glass panel.

Despite their fame, this Laksa stall has no name and is affectionately known as the "928 Laksa" by its customers because the eatery is located right at the foot of Yishun Block 928.

You can tell how immensely popular their Laksa is with those staying staying in the neighborhood when it is the only thing they sell and yet able to command a perpetual queue that never seem to end for the last fifteen years of business.

Video: Why It Is Cruel To Let Your Dog Drink Via A Water Bottle

First of all, you have to understand how dogs drink.

I have always thought that they slurp water in the same manner as us by using the front of our tongues.

However, I realised how wrong I was when I learn that they 'scoop' water into their mouths using the bottom side of their tongues instead!

Watch the video below.

Video: Share It Maybe - Cookie Monster Parody

This is another parody of Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" by Sesame Street.

Do you like Cookie Monster?