Keep Calm And Jiak Tau Huay

Mango and Strawberry flavored Tau Huey (Beancurd)

Tonight is the proposed date of the highly controversial Diner En Blanc (The White Dinner). 

While some Singaporeans have called for the boycott of the event, others have taken a step further by planning similar events on the same day.

One such event is Makan Day, motioned by Singapore's very own Blogfather, Mr Brown.

Makan Day is a own-time-own-target event governed by no rules (as opposed to the unforgiving rules of Diner En Blanc) whereby participants could eat anything they desire anywhere, anytime and with anyone they like.

According to him, participants could bring and share food of any colour because our tastes are diverse.  

Fast food also can, slow food also can. Tau Huay also can!

Hashtag for the event: #MakanDay
Facebook page.

Video: Man-Powered Ferris Wheel

In a country where electricity is inconsistent, carnival operators in India has found an alternative way of operating their ferris wheel.

This method requires no electricity nor generator but the physical power of the carnival workers who peddle along the inner bars of the Ferris Wheel (think of the hamster wheel) or propels it forward with their sheer body weight.

There is no safety harness nor protection gear of any form to safeguard them. 

It certainly would not comply with any safety guidelines by today's standards and you cannot help but worry about the workers and joyriders' safety.

Despite that, I still think it is an ingenious way of cutting carbon footprint - just imagine how much power would be saved if the Singapore Flyer does not run on electricity?







Tau Hway: A Nation's Pride


It takes little effort to rile up the sentiments of Singaporeans - just diss their "Tau Hway" (Soya Bean Curd) and be prepared to face the wrath of a nation.

At least that is what the local organisers for Diner en Blanc did when they commented that Tau Hway was "not on par with the image of their event". 

Diner en Blanc (The White Party) is an invite-only dinner party that descends upon a different and very public location each year. 

It was started by François Pasquier twenty-five years ago when he invited a few friends to Bois de Boulogne for a reunion after returning to Paris from years abroad. To make it easier for them to find one another, they all agreed to dress in white.

The dinner was such a success that they decided the next year, each person would invite some other friends and from then, the event grew into what it is today.

视频: 容祖儿 - 世上只有




Review: LG Optimus 4X HD

I just laid my hands on the LG Optimus 4X HD aka LG P880, which is the latest phone from LG.

I am not a very technical person so I will not be touching on the technical aspects.

All I know is that this model is powered by a 1.5GHz quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 processor with 1GB of RAM and runs on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. 

It possessed 12GB of internal storage which can be further expanded up to 32GB via a external microSD card. 

As this is my very first LG phone and also my first Android phone, what I shared here are based on my own personal experience especially with the camera aspect of this phone. 

Raya Weekend To Kukup

At the Singapore Flyer

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!

How was your holiday?

I had a short getaway to Kukup, Pontian with my family.

We were gathered bright and early at the Singapore Flyer car park on Saturday morning to board the coach. I thought we were early enough but there was already a crowd of chinese tourists there.

The journey is about two hours drive away and I had a good nap on the coach as I only had an hour's sleep the night before.

Movie: THE DARK CRYSTAL (1982)

I remember watching a movie on TV a long time ago when I was still very young.

I think I was of preschool age therefore I have no recollection what the title is or even know what the movie was all about.

All I remember is one scene which, for some strange reason, has etched itself in my memory.

Through the years, this scene would pop up in my mind every so often just to annoy me.

It has therefore become a quest of my own to find out what movie it is and why has it been appearing in my mind!

Happy 47th Birthday, Singapore!

Singapore celebrates her 47th Birthday with much fanfare on the floating platform at Marina Bay yesterday.

I believe that for many of us, the biggest draw of the parade this year was the attendance of Singapore's Founding Father, Lee Kwan Yew.

Just earlier this week, someone who claimed to have "highly credible source" hinted that Mr Lee has passed away and that news have been withheld till the celebrations are over.

This piece of shocking news of course caused quite a stir on social media especially when  the 47th anniversary of our Independence is merely days away!

Recipe: 腐乳蕹菜 Kang Kong With Fermented Beancurd

The Water Convolvolusas, or Kang Kong as it is more commonly known, is a very hardy plant which requires very little care. Left on it's own, it will flourish along the riverbanks and even in the canals.

Due to it's prolific nature, farmers used to feed them to livestocks such as pigs.

Being an aquatic vegetable, do wash them thoroughly for the presence of tiny snails especially inside the hollow stems.

What I do is to soak them in concentrated salt water for at least 30 minutes.

Since I will be using roughly two tablespoons of liquids from the bottle of Fermented Beancurd, I will not add more salt to the dish. You may want to sprinkle a pinch of sugar to balance the taste although that is optional.

Here are some benefits of the Kang Kong:

- Antioxidant 
- Controls Blood Sugar
- Combats Hypertension

Try this out and let me know how you like it?

Bon appetit!