Transvestite Show, Hat Yai *Videos*

After we returned to the hotel from the [Floating Market], some of them went out for more shopping while some of us proceeded to watch the Transvestite show.

There was nothing sleazy about it like I had thought initially. It was more like a cabaret show with elaborate costumes, stage design, plenty of lip-synching and dancing.

Cameras were not allowed but people still take photos anyway so I joined in too albeit discreetly without flash.

Traditional Hakka Lui Cha @ Boon Lay Market

Hakka Lui Cha (客家擂茶)

Lui Cha (擂茶) is an iconic Hakka rice dish that is topped with chopped leeks, long beans, kale (kai-lan), mani cai, string bean, cabbage, beancurd (tau kwa), pickled radish (cai pok), and served with a bowl of grinded tea made from a selection of herbs such as basil and mint.

Well, there might not be any hard and fast rule stipulating what vegetables to be used in the making of this dish as I believe the Hakka womenfolk simply used whatever vegetables they have on hand or had growing in their backyard at that moment.

Apple's Ipod Nano 6th Generation

When I received news of the replacement program for the 1st Gen iPod Nano last December, I procrastinated till March this year before I finally send in my set to be replaced.

(Refer to the Apple's Official Statement here)

The replacement could not have come at a better time as the battery in my device was just beginning to get cranky.

Even after a full charge, the power would be depleted within ten minutes which is about the length of two songs.

After dropping my Nano off at the service centre, I waited for four weeks before I received the email to pick up my new MP3.

Video: Subwars

The train you are travelling in pulls into the next station.

The door slides open and an elderly man wobble his way in.

There is no empty seat in sight and he could only look around aimlessly while holding on tightly to the pole.

What will you do?

Fall asleep immediately? Turn a blind eye?

The next time you wanna deny an old man of his seat on the train, think again!

Do Not Google For Trypophobia!

Before you read further, answer this question truthfully: "Do you feel like scratching your scalp raw after seeing the following picture?"

This was what a friend of mine posted on Facebook the other day and my entire body broke out in hives immediately. 

If you are feeling unnerving like me, then you probably have Trypophobia.

Video: Bruce Lee - Be The Water

Now I fully understand why Bruce Lee had to go "WATER" whenever he fights.

He is truly the legend.

Qualifications Of Men: KBS Youth Choir

I have blogged about the Korean variety show "Qualifications of Men" (aka Qualities of Men) from KBS two years ago on my previous blog.

The members are faced with another choir challenge to take part in the KBS National Choir Festival.

Unlike the previous choir challenge which was opened to anyone within the KBS TV Station, the requirement this time is restricted to those who were born before 1960.

And the irony of it all was that the choir is named the "KBS Youth Choir" even though the members were at least 52 years old.

The recruited members comprised of people from all walks of life including houswives, retirees and even professionals like a company CEO, Doctor, High School Teacher and Professor.

Video: Guard Dog Killed By Delivery Man

A guard dog in Taichung, Taiwan dies after being kicked repeatedly by a delivery man!

Surveillance footage shows Liu, a delivery man, attempting to strike the dog, "Little Tiger" with a box in a threatening manner even though the dog was waving his tail - a sure tell tale sign of his friendliness.

Alarmed by Liu's sudden gesture, "Little Tiger" began prancing around the deliveryman and following him about.