Video: Guard Dog Killed By Delivery Man

A guard dog in Taichung, Taiwan dies after being kicked repeatedly by a delivery man!

Surveillance footage shows Liu, a delivery man, attempting to strike the dog, "Little Tiger" with a box in a threatening manner even though the dog was waving his tail - a sure tell tale sign of his friendliness.

Alarmed by Liu's sudden gesture, "Little Tiger" began prancing around the deliveryman and following him about.

Watch the video below:

Dropping off the package at the recept, Liu walked out of the company and that is where the tragedy occurs.

Surveillance footage shows "Little Tiger" approaching Liu close enough to be kicked at several times.

Just moments before he died, footage from another surveillance camera shows "Little Tiger" scampering away before collapsing and convulsing in pain.

After committing the heinous act, Liu drove away.

When caught up by reporters in his vehicle, Liu denied kicking the dog - citing camera angles as probable reasons which made him appeared to be doing so.

At the press conference later, Liu apologises and explained that he has been attacked by a dog and hospitalised when he was younger thus, explaining his 'reflex' action of kicking dogs.

However, this contradicts his statement at the police station when he said that he acted out of self-defence as "Little Tiger" had wanted to bite him.

Liu, who has just been converted into a permanent staff for a month after being a temp for six months has been relieved of his duties pending internal investigations by his company.

Liu apologises at the press conference

Full video of the surveillance camera