Video: Subwars

The train you are travelling in pulls into the next station.

The door slides open and an elderly man wobble his way in.

There is no empty seat in sight and he could only look around aimlessly while holding on tightly to the pole.

What will you do?

Fall asleep immediately? Turn a blind eye?

The next time you wanna deny an old man of his seat on the train, think again!

Creepy train ride

Jokes aside, do you not find the scenario all too familiar?

Apparently, this social problem of youngsters not giving up their seats to the elderly seemed common everywhere as reflected in this animation done by some China students.

Please leave the priority seat alone if you do not belong to any of these category: 老(old), 幼(young), 病(ill), 残(disabled), 孕(pregnant).

Offer your seat to someone more deserving.

Your kindness will be appreciated.