Heng Gi Goose And Duck Rice @ Senja Hawker Centre

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The braised duck rice from Heng Gi Goose And Duck Rice at Tekka Market & Food Centre was added to my checklist years ago however, I have not gotten the opportunity to cross them out yet.

I do pass by Tekka via the downtown line occasionally but it is impractical to walk out of the station while in the midst of a journey just to try the duck rice there.

To my surprise, they opened a stall at the new Senja Hawker Centre which is so much more accessible to me now. I know I have run out of excuses putting off what I needed to do eons ago.

Amoy Street Lor Mee @ Senja Hawker Centre

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Bukit Panjang welcomed its second hawker centre - Senja Hawker Center six months ago on 11th December 2022. 

With 28 food stalls and 580 seats, the hawker centre features a rooftop garden and a underground car park. Due to the high ceiling and numerous huge fans, the place is kept well-ventilated. Illumination is also optimal.

The tables are comfortably spaced apart due to the huge size area. In fact, it has the potential to add a lot more tables to fully utilize the space if needed. 

I actually visited the new hawker centre twice in January this year when they had just opened for a month. Understandably, the place was packed and those who knew me, knows that I hate crowded places. I left without having anything but I made a mental note of the stalls to try.