Would You Pay $96 For Two Plates Of Seafood Hor Fun?

How about $60 for 2x "Union" Cucumbers, $72 for 2x Hong Kong Kailan or $72 for 2x Spinach Toufu?

That was how much a customer is being charged for at Chen Fu Ji陈福记), a restaurant offering chinese cuisine at Riverside Point, Clarke Quay.

The bill for the entire meal adds up to $3922.70!

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Video: The Longest Death Scene Ever In Movie History

"Kareteci Kız" (Karate Girl) is a 1973 Turkish film directed by Orhan Aksoy.

Zeynep (Filiz Akin) is a mute girl who has lost her ability to speak because of an accident.

One day, five prison fugitives came to their house where her father was slained and they took the money meant for her operation to regain her voice.

Due to the shock, Zeynep regains her ability to speak.

The fugitives were caught but Zeynep had wanted to take her own revenge, therefore she told the police that the fugitives are not the ones who have attacked them.








Random: Starbucks

Just a random post of instagram from Starbucks.

Nice place to chill and to while a lazy afternoon away.

Would have loved to own an establishment like this.

Video: Inception Cat

Today, I'm sharing this video that has gone viral on the internet.

A cat in Russia was seen rising its head slowly outside the windowsill before lowering itself and disappearing from sight.

The cat's bizzare antics coupled with its wide-eyed expression and sound effects makes this video a hot discussion among netizens.

As for why this video is named "Inception Cat" is because the music used here is one of the soundtracks from the movie INCEPTION.

Don't you think this soundtrack really follows the actions of the cat like it is especially composed for this video?

Let us watch this video together.








Anti-Social Behavior At The Cinema

On Saturday evening, I brought my parents to watch G.I Joe: Retaliation at the cinema but I was left fuming mad because I was unable to concentrate on the movie as the woman sitting behind me was munching on melon seeds.


Yes, melon seeds. You can even call them Quachee or 瓜子if you like.

So while we were watching the trailers, this woman with her husband and two young girls came in and sat in the row behind us.

That is when the rustling of plastic bags and them talking to one another started. Well, I thought that they were just settling down and everything would be fine once the movie starts but unfortunately, that is just the prelude of what's to come.

Hong Kong Street Jen Poo Kee XO Bee Hoon @ Clementi West Street 2

UPDATES (8th June 2014): Hong Kong Street Jen Poo Kee has moved location. New address is updated at the end of this post.

XO Fish Head Bee Hoon

Clementi West, also known as "West Coast", is where I frequent as a kid because Mum used to do her marketing here at the West Coast Market. As Grandma also lived here with her eldest son, coming here is almost a weekly routine for us.

I remember coming to the market here for breakfast and I, in particular, loved the Pig's Organ Soup especially the chili. Alas, I could not remember which stall it is and I doubt the stall is even there now.

We stopped coming after Grandma and uncle's family moved to another estate.

That was many years ago.

How I Became An Adopted Child

Every Easter, I would follow my parents to pay our respects to my ancestors at Tze Dor Aum (自度庵)at Sin Ming Road.

As a routine, we would first make our way to the main hall where we pray to the various Buddhas before going inside the columbarium to greet my Great Grandma, Grandparents and youngest uncle.

Following which, we would go back outside to the communal area to lay out the offerings we had prepared and invite them for a meal.

After assuming they are done with their feast, we would bade our farewells and clear the table for the next family to use before heading to Tai Pei Yuen大悲院)at Balestier to visit my big uncle and his wife who were also my Godparents.

As for how I became their adopted son still baffles me this very day.