Do & Me - Chicken Cutlet @ Blk 654 Yishun Ave 4

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A couple of weeks ago, I learned about this western food stall serving enormous sized chicken cutlet at the coffee shop which is just across the road from Yishun SAFRA.

When I stepped into the coffee shop, the Do & Me chicken logo on the wall seem so vaguely familiar to me. I believe they used to be a franchise with many outlets across Singapore, you know, something like Tenderfresh (可爱鸡)?

I could be wrong though but when I tried googling, I can find nothing about them on the internet.

I was lost in thoughts in front of the logo when I heard the staff behind the counter asking for my order.

"One chicken cutlet" I replied curtly.

After making payment, I was told to collect it in five minutes time.

Mr. Baguette by Wee Bake Bakery @ Golden Mile Food Centre

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A few months back, these mini balls that are literally bursting with molten lava caught my attention on Instagram. I told myself then that I have to give them a try somehow and I finally did when I decided to cover Golden Mile Food Centre.

Located at the basement of the food centre, Mr. Baguette's molten lava balls came in an impressive 15 savory and sweet flavors!

They are:
  • Original
  • Bolognese Chicken
  • Carbonara
  • Black Pepper Chicken
  • Chicken Pie
  • Chocolate Lava
  • Cheese Lava
  • Hazelnut Lava
  • Apple Lava
  • Tiramisu Lava
  • Cookie n' Cream Lava
  • Red Velvet Lava
  • Azuki Lava
  • Blueberry Lava
  • Eskimo Lava

Fei Zhu Traditional Teochew Handmade Fishball & Mushroom Minced Meat Noodle @ Golden Mile Food Centre

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This stall at level one of Golden Mile Food Centre has a very long name. It is called Fei Zhu Traditional Teochew Handmade Fishball & Mushroom Minced Meat Noodle.

Quite a mouthful, isn't it?

It is by far my most favorite bak chor mee (minced meat noodle) at the moment.

Their bak chor mee come in three sizes ($4/$5/$6). For the two larger sizes, the ingredients will be served separately in the soup.

This is actually my second time at this stall. The first time when I had the regular bowl, everything was dumped together with the mee pok while the bowl of soup was a small one.

However, the two larger sizes come with a larger bowl of soup and trust me, the soup is as good as it gets. With the addition of shallot oil and fried garlic, it just make the soup very wholesome and fragrant.

Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice 海南起骨雞飯 @ Golden Mile Food Centre

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This Hainanese chicken rice stall at the basement of Golden Mile Food Centre has a very straight forward name called Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice. It is located right next to the fried Hokkien noodle stall from my previous post.

Despite the lack of newspaper cuttings and accolades, this unassuming chicken rice stall attracts a perpetual queue everyday which is made up of both locals and tourists.

During my visit on a Saturday afternoon, I queued for about twenty minutes before I reached the front of the line.

The stall offers both roasted chicken as well as poached chicken.

Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee 海南福建炒蝦麵 @ Golden Mile Food Centre

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This fried Hokkien noodle stall called Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee located at the basement of Golden Mile Food Centre is immensely popular. You may not see a physical queue but there are always a few people standing in front of the stall at any one time waiting for their orders.

After placing your order, you just have to wait patiently at one side for the staff to call out to you. I stood there for a good twenty minutes before I receive my plate.

Zhao An Granny Grass Jelly @ Golden Mile Food Centre

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Do not be fooled by the stall's name because there is no granny behind the stall at Zhao An Granny Grass Jelly. Instead, it is granny's grandson, Mr Yeo, serving you chin chow (grass jelly) based on her recipe and him fine-tuning it.

Granny began selling grass jelly on the streets after the war as a means to support her family until she retired in 1974.

In 1996, Mr Yeo decided to learn the skills from her and started this stall at Golden Mile Food Centre after leaving his electronics job.

75 Ah Balling Peanut Soup @ Golden Mile Food Centre

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I like Chinese sweet soups but it is not something that I get to eat easily as there were non located near me.

I am glad to have chanced upon this stall called 75 Ah Balling Peanut Soup at Golden Mile Food Centre while I was checking out the food stalls here.

Their star would have to be the peanut soup but apart from that, they also have longan with red dates soup, ginger soup and almond soup.

The soups are selling for only $1.40 a bowl but what if I tell you that you could pair your soup with ah balling or tang yuan (glutinous ball)?

Their ah balling are hand made, and come in flavors like peanut, yam, sesame, matcha and red bean.

Inclusive of soup, you can add on four pieces for $2, five pieces for $2.30 and six pieces for $2.60. You can even mix and match the different flavors.

Ah Xiao Teochew Braised Duck @ Golden Mile Food Centre

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Ever since I had the braised duck rice with added pig's skin from Cai Ji Boneless Duck Rice at Seah Im Food Centre, I have been unable to put it out of my mind.

Thus, when I saw a braised duck stall at the basement of Golden Mile Food Centre, I quickly went to queue for a plate. 

As its name implies, the stall, called Ah Xiao Teochew Braised Duck (亞笑潮洲卤鸭) serves braised duck with either rice or kway chap. They have the usual sides of duck gizzards, Teochew fish cake and braised egg. They also have a small selection of pork belly and pig's skin.

I decided to order a plate of braised duck rice ($3) with additional pig's skin (50¢).

Adimann - Chicken Rice Flintstone @ Golden Mile Food Centre

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I am pretty excited to try out this stall which sells a selection of seafood items and stir-frys like hor fun, fried rice, mee goreng, etc.

However, I am there mainly for their nasi lemak (fatty rice) and nasi ayam (chicken rice). You may be spoilt for choice here as this two dishes came in many variations!

From the normal chicken drumstick and chicken cutlet to the increasingly popular lobster with salted egg sauce, Adimann is set all out to please their customers.