DIY: How To DIY A Lantern For Mid-Autumn Festival With A Plastic Bottle

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Once again, it's the season to binge on Mooncakes and playing with lanterns!

In today's post, I'll share how to make your very own lantern using just a soft drink bottle. You can hardly call this a DIY because I simply bought a lantern handle which comes with a LED bulb and all I did was to push the bulb into the bottle. The only DIY part I did was make a hole in the cap to insert the ring to hook onto the handle.

You can probably paint the bottle or wrap it with cellophane paper but I think this will do for me.

The photos below are pretty self-explanatory.

Tribute To Hayao Miyazaki

I am in awe of this fan-made tribute to Mr. Hayao Miyazaki (宫崎 骏).

Ever since I watched "Castle In The Sky" many years ago, I was sold and became a fan instantly.

Whenever I can, I am always on the lookout for anime produced by Studio Ghibli, a film studio founded by Miyazaki.

Their attention to details is beyond words but what I am most impressed with is how they are able to string my emotions along with the story's development.

There are times when I secretly wished I was the protagonist of the story so I could walk in their footsteps and experience their adventures.