Mahan Food - Mee Soto @ Blk 132 Jurong Gateway Road

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Right across the coffee shop from Al Mubarak Restaurant is Mahan Food, a Malay Muslim stall selling nasi padanglontongmee siammee rebus and mee soto.

Other than the nasi padang, their noodle dishes are all priced affordably at $3. I ordered a bowl of mee soto and I could not resist the temptation of adding a begedil and fried chicken wing to complete my meal.

Don't you think the begedil and fried chicken wing are the best accompaniments to pair with mee soto? The makcik placed the two sides separately in another bowl. She even helped to cut up the chicken wing for easy eating.

The total bill came up to $5.20.

Al Mubarak Restaurant - Chicken Briyani @ Blk 132 Jurong Gateway Road

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I was visiting the bank in the area so I thought I would drop by Foodclique at blk 132 Jurong Gateway Road for brunch.

I had spent the entire morning waiting at the bank and I was getting hangry. While pondering over what to have from the coffee shop, I saw this huge pot of briyani beckoning to me from the counter-top of Al Mubarak Restaurant, an Indian Muslim stall.

Resistance is futile, they say and I think there is much truth in that as I succumbed to temptation and ordered myself a chicken briyani ($5.50).

My eyes sparkled when the staff removed the lid that was partially covering the pot, revealing the basmati rice together with mutton and chicken in its grandeur.

As I did not had my camera with me, I returned for a second visit within the same week, this time, armed with my trusty camera for a proper review... only to realize that the memory card is still plugged into the computer at home.

I had to depend on my iPhone camera, albeit unwillingly, for the rescue mission.

Shun Li Ah Ma Lor Mee - Laksa @ Redhill Market & Food Centre

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After trying the lor mee from Shun Li Ah Ma Lor Mee at Redhill Market & Food Centre, I felt I had to come back to give their laksa a try as well.

This time, it is the male cook who served me as the lady helper is prepping ingredients at the back of the stall. 

Just like my previous visit, I was asked if I wanted bean sprouts however, nothing could prepare me for the next question because, this is the first time in my entire existence that I was asked how I wanted my cockles.

Stunned, I replied "yes" when he asked if I wanted them cooked? I had actually meant to say "no" since the hot broth would be enough to blanch them but at that moment, I simply could not process the question in my brain.

Wow, these guys really go the extra mile with their service! I am still reeling in from the shock!

Seng Heng Braised Duck @ Redhill Market & Food Centre

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Seng Heng Braised Duck is one of those stalls at Redhill Market & Food Centre that is only opened for a couple of hours in the morning before they are sold out for the day. 

I made a trip here for their duck noodle previously but they were already closed when I got there at 11am.

This time round, I specially planned to arrive earlier to make sure I lay my hands on a bowl of their duck noodle. 

How early? This early

Redhill Porridge @ Redhill Market & Food Centre

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In the previous post, I mentioned that I visited Redhill Market & Food Centre early in the morning to have my duck noodle at Seng Heng Braised Duck.

As there is still some time before they open for the day, I decided to check out this porridge stall called Redhill Porridge which is another one of those stall that closes super early.

If you are appalled by the duck noodle stall's four short operating hours, then this porridge stall will shock you further with their three and a half hours before they are sold out. Of course, this is not taking their prep time into consideration.

Now it makes perfect sense why some of the stalls here are perpetually closed whenever I am there in the afternoon. Either they close really early, or they open late.

Shun Li Ah Ma Lor Mee @ Redhill Market & Food Centre

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It has been a while since I last came to Redhill Market & Food Centre.

One of the reasons why I do not frequent this food centre is due to the pigeons flying around which I find very unhygienic but, the main reason still boil down to the fact that I am too lazy to walk over from the MRT station! 😈

So, what made me drag my lazy bones here today is because I was craving for duck noodle and I wanted to try the one from Seng Heng Braised Duck however, they were already packing up for the day when I arrived just before 11am.

I circled the food centre, with the hope to find something that might interest me when I spotted a new Chinese stall which I have never seen before.

The stall is called Shun Li Ah Ma Lor Mee and it sells both lor mee and laksa for $4. I ordered a bowl of lor mee opting for the flat Hokkien noodle. The lady helper asks if I wanted beansprouts and whether I wanted more noodle (at no extra cost).

Seng Hong Coffee Shop - Otah Roti & Kopi-O @ Blk 58 Lengkok Bahru

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Still feeling peckish from my minced meat noodle, I decided to order a Singaporean traditional breakfast set from the coffee stall.

For the uninformed, such local breakfast normally consists of two soft boiled eggs, toasted bread (with your choice of spread eg. kaya/butter/peanut butter) and a beverage.

According to my research, this coffee shop offers steamed bread with otah which is not commonly available at other coffee shops and therefore highly recommended. They also serve supposedly good Nanyang coffee (heard the proprietors are related to Tong Ya).

The customization for my order includes two soft boiled eggs, steamed bread with otah and a small cup of kopi-o. All these for $4.10.

Simple and no frills.

Lengkok Bahru Minced Meat Noodle @ Blk 58 Lengkok Bahru

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How did the residents of Lengkok Bahru keep a certain minced meat noodle stall in their neighborhood under wraps from the rest of Singapore all these years?

Located within an old-school coffee shop at the foot of block 58, this noodle stall does not even have a signboard. However, that does not stop people from locating them, as words of mouth soon gave the secret away.

When I first visited the stall a year ago, the noodle stall was closed despite it being a weekday (their off day is on alternate Sundays).

Determined to have my bowl of noodle, I made a return trip to the coffee shop earlier this week, reaching there just a little after ten in the morning. I was half expecting it to be a slow and quiet morning, with only a couple of retirees engaging in a game of chess over a kopi-o siew dai.

Hai Xian Zhu Zhou - Ke Kou Mian @ Blk 233 Yishun Street 21

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After having the ke kou mian from Bon Appetit at Yishun Park Hawker Centre, I kept thinking about the one near me at Blk 163A Gangsa Road (Bukit Panjang) and how the two actually compares.

To my surprise, I discovered that they have a stall at Yishun which is managed by relatives and its location is actually along the route to Yishun Park Hawker Centre from the bus interchange.

After I am done with Yishun Park Hawker Centre, I decided to check out this Hai Xian Zhu Zhou outlet at Blk 233 Yishun Street 21.

The coffee shop is located across the street from the bus stop where I got off. It is a quiet neighborhood however, all that changed once I stepped into the busy coffee shop. The premise was full of people with lots of chattering and hardly an empty table available.

I quickly joined the queue to place my order for a bowl of pork ke kou mian and was given a number tag to collect my food when the corresponding number flashed on the digital screen. I know a lot of customers were there for the exact same reason as I do because everyone were craning their necks towards the direction of the stall, waiting for their number to come up.

It took about twenty minutes for my number to appear on the screen.