Super Shiok Nasi Lemak @ Chinatown Complex Market & Food Centre

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During my previous visit to Chinatown Complex Market & Food Centre, this stall named Super Shiok Nasi Lemak located beside Heng Ji Chicken Rice caught my attention when I saw several young Muslim ladies in hijab queuing for its nasi lemak.

Judging by their DSLRs, heavy makeup and big sunglasses, my guess is that they are probably tourists.

At that time, the operators inside the stall were Chinese therefore, it aroused my curiosity. I did not see any halal cert displayed although it is stated on the signboard that they uses halal ingredients.

Fast forward to this visit, I still did not see any halal certification but the people inside the stall now is a Malay guy and a older lady wearing the hijab.

Da Jia Shi - Deep-Fried Intestines Porridge @ Chinatown Complex Market & Food Centre

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Da Jia Shi at Chinatown Complex Market & Food Centre is very low profile without much social media presence. Managed by one elderly lady, the stall does not attract a lot of attention and is known only to their regulars.

Illuminated by a couple of fluorescent lights, the dim and unattractive store front did not give me the urge to want to check them out despite the numerous times that I walked past over the years. 

I had no idea what they sell even though the photos of their menu is plastered on the glass window. 

I only realize this is a porridge stall after someone posted about it on my social media timeline. 

Hawker Chan - Soya Sauce Chicken Drumstick Noodle @ Chinatown Complex Market & Food Centre

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Hawker Chan was formerly known as Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodles

Located at Chinatown Complex Market & Food Centre, this hawker stall propelled to international stardom when it received a One MICHELIN Star in 2016.

I would usually pack a bird home for dinner together with some of their very nice char siew every couple of months but all that change after they clinched the prestigious award. 

They were already very popular during their pre-award days, with a perpetual queue forming round the perimeter of the stall. The queue situation worsens after their win.

At times, I wonder is the award really a blessing or a curse?