McDonald's "Deferred Fulfilment" Website Is Up!

After what seems like eternity, McDonald's "deferred fulfilment" website for the Despicable Me 2 Happy Meal Minion toys is finally up and running.

For fans who have missed out on certain designs from the last two weeks, now is your chance to complete your collection!

DIY: How To Make Your Own Lightbox For Product Photography

All the materials needed for your DIY lightbox

Gone are the days of posting crappy product photos with distracting backgrounds on your blog.

You can achieve that professional "studio shot" with just a sturdy box, a cutter, a ruler, some mahjong paper and a roll of tape. 

All you have to do is to make your own lightbox with materials which you probably already have lying around the house!

What Lesson The Recent McDonald's Hello Kitty And Despicable Me 2 Promotion Has Taught Me

Happened in Penang, Malaysia [via]

Can't they just lift up the shutters? [via]

All it takes is just ONE McDonald's promotion to bring out the worst in humanity.

Remember the wedding series of Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel some 13 years ago in Singapore? It attracted so much attention that CISCO guards were hired to maintain order when ugly human dramas such as fights, quarrels, and queue-jumping became the subject of media coverage.

Seven people were even injured when a glass door at the Boon Keng outlet shattered due to the jostling.

Fast forward back to the recent Fairy Tales Hello Kitty and Despicable Me 2 promotion this year where customers purchase the toys in bulk - causing stocks to be sold-out island-wide within hours. I have no qualms if they had bought it for their own collection but the point is, these people are reselling for profits.

Not only do they deny others from getting the toy, such deplorable and selfish acts only disgraced the reputation of all Singaporeans.

McDonald's Singapore Donates 1000 Happy Meals To Charity


From today till 31 July 2013, customers purchasing Happy Meals in the Despicable Me 2 promotion has the option to donate their meals to the Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS).

This move came after a series of complaints that fans who bought the meals solely for the free Minion toys had thrown away their food which drew a backlash from the online community.

Apparently, this was already happening during the previous Hello Kitty Fairy Tales promotion where customers were seen dumping the food into the bins after getting their toys. There were many pleas on McDonald's facebook page to allow customers who had only wanted the toys but not the food to donate their meals.

Video: When Elephants Goes Amok! *GRAPHIC*

The Elephant is the largest land mammal and also the most regal-looking.

These highly-endangered giants should be revered and left in the wild but the biggest threat they faced are the loss of habitat when people cleared large areas of land, forcing them to stray out of the forest into settled areas where they sometimes destroy property, trample crops, and even kill people.

What you are going to see are some videos of elephants going on a rampage.

Viewer Discretion Is Advised

Free Despicable Me 2 Minion Toys With McDonald's Happy Meal

McDonald's Singapore will be launching a set of 9 Minion collectible toys from the animation, Despicable Me 2 this coming Thursday, 11 July 2013 at 11am.

The Minions are:
1. Tim Giggling
2. Tom Googly Eyes Grabber
3. Dave Gadget Grabber
4. Evil Minion Chomper
5. Stuart Light Up Grabber
6. Evil Minion Noisemaker
7. Tim Giggle Grabber
8. Stuart Babbler Grabber
9. Jerry Breakdancing

The toys will come free with every purchase of a kid's Happy Meal.