Shi Nian Pig Leg Rice @ Senja Hawker Centre

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I came across Lin Ji Pig Leg Rice (林記猪脚饭) when they first opened at Albert Centre Market & Food Centre. I remember being captivated by the beautifully braised pig legs displayed inside the window. 

When I saw customers carrying away their bowls of pig leg rice with Bai Nian Niang Dou Fu (百年酿豆腐) signature white trays, I realized Lin Ji is by the same people behind the yong tau foo stall which had a outlet at the same food centre as well.

Reasonably priced at $4.90 then, I was eager to have a bowl however, the intimidating queue meant that I can only come back for it another time.

Regrettably four years on, I have yet to try Lin Ji. It was not until recently that I notice a new pig leg rice stall at Senja Hawker Centre with a similar signboard as Lin Ji but bearing the name Shi Nian (石年) instead.

I was contemplating whether to give Shi Nian a try because I thought they are a competitor riding on Lin Ji's fame but as it turns out, it is simply a case of rebranding. The former Lin Ji that I know and Shi Nian are one and the same. I hope.