To A Certain Big Organisation Out There...

A service breakdown occurs when the expectations of a customer are not met.

When this unhappy customer feedback to you, it goes to show that he is giving you the opportunity to make things right.

Double Rainbows

Many of my friends were exclaiming on Facebook and Twitter how they witnessed two rainbows in the skies today.

It was quite rare to spot even one rainbow on any given day but having TWO appear on the same day and at the same time? Wow!

It must have been quite a sight to behold but what a pity I missed it!

Before I learned about the double rainbows, I did notice the buildings opposite were enshrouded in a hue of gold.

What a pretty sight it is!

Adopt a Bunny @ Downtown East! No fee payable.

2011 March 28: Updates from AVA and Downtown East
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Will The Real Samantha From Holland Village Please Stand Up?

(91.3FM has removed the audio)
I bet all the Samanthas staying in Holland Village are cursing away right now.

Apparently, we heartlanders were deemed too uncultured to step foot in Holland Village and that we should just "stay where we fit best" (in our own heartlands)!

If you still have not heard about it, "Samantha" called in 91.3FM, during The Married Men on Wednesday morning to rant about us, 90% of the Singapore population for visiting her estate in "shorts and slippers and weird colored hair".

Cories Resting On Nanas

Is that not cute?
I was walking past my aquarium last night and spotted three of my six Cories (Corydoras) resting on the Nanas (Anubias).

It is kindda cute so I quickly snapped some pictures of them.



Pray For Japan

Let's keep Japan in our thoughts and prayers

The Yearly Solemn Affair

The Story Of Dead Cockroach


I am Dead Cockroach, DC for short.

I am here to share with you how my online moniker, "Dead Cockroach" came about and of all things, why a cockroach?  

(OK, I get that question quite alot so I thought I might as well share my story here once and for all!)

It all happened years ago when I was signing up for a blog account. I was asked for a username and my mind was a blank.

Now, what should I call myself?

Something macho like TheMuscleGuy? Or something cute like TheFlabbyTummy?

To spare myself the agony over which nick to choose, I decided to just select whatever image that pops into my mind first and if you guessed it correctly, it is a cockroach.

To be frank, I am rather terrified of this filthy little thing myself. So much so I wished they were all dead!

Hence, "Dead Cockroach" was born.