Adopt a Bunny @ Downtown East! No fee payable.

2011 March 28: Updates from AVA and Downtown East
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First, we had Suntec City with it's rabbit "exhibition" and now, we have Downtown East offering bunnies for "adoption" (or so they say).

The page on their Facebook (image above) says "adoption" but if you read further, you would realise that the bunnies will be given away through a contest.

Now, I am confused.

Is this really an adoption drive or is it a contest with bunnies as prizes?

Let's give Downtown East the benefit of doubt that they are genuinely trying to rehome these bunnies, but giving bunnies away via a contest does not seem like a very viable move.

Are stringent background checks performed on the winners to determine their suitability as bunny owners? If  the winner is a child who has taken part in the contest without her parents' knowledge, will she still be given a bunny despite having no parental consent? (which brings us back to my question of how would Downtown East find out if the child has no parental consent at all if they did not interview her to access her suitability in the first place?)

Being "original and creative" in a contest does not make one an ideal bunny owner. Also, choosing to hold an "adoption drive" with Easter round the corner does not seem to be sending the correct message either.

Please implore Downtown East to do away with this.

Leave them a message at their Facebook or you could also send them an email to share your concerns.

I have already wrote in to express my views.

You should too if you have the welfare of these animals in mind.

Feel free to copy my letter (but remember to sign off with your own name at the bottom)

Send your email here:

CC your email to the following too:

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing in to express my concerns regarding the "Adopt a Bunny @ Downtown East! No fee payable" event which will be held at Downtown East in April 2011.

To my understanding, interested parties are encouraged to register with Downtown East at and share in less than 100 words why they would make a great bunny owner. A panel of judges would then 'award' the bunnies to the ten most "original and creative" winners.

I have some burning questions for the marketing team at Downtown East:
  1. Where did these bunnies come from?
  2. When did Downtown East became involved with animal rehoming?
  3. What is the main objective behind this adoption drive?
  4. Is this held in conjunction with Easter Day?
  5. Is this a genuine adoption drive, or a contest disguised as one?
  6. How does Downtown East ensure that the recipients of these bunnies possessed the knowledge and skills required to take proper care of them?
  7. Will Downtown East be following up on the bunnies in their new home?
  8. Will there be more adoption drives like this in future?
Bunnies, or any other pets for that matter, should never be meant as gifts or presents because we do not know if the receipient is ready for a commitment of up to ten years!

Why is Downtown East undoing the efforts put in by AVA, who has been trying so hard to promote responsible pet ownership through it's roadshows?

This marketing gimmick, in my opinion, is in bad taste as I could forsee a number of these bunnies at the suffering end once the novelty wears out.

I shall boycot all Downtown East activities henceforth until this event is officially removed.

Your name

Updates from AVA below:
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Not bearing too high hopes but at least it is a small step towards bigger leaps.
Updates from Downtown East below:
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An "Official" reply coming from the Director (Marketing) herself which ignores completely all the queries that I have raised.

Why am I not even surprised?

I am utterly disappointed that an organisation lile Downtown East would come up with something as irresponsible as this.


Please seek advice from the HRSS (House Rabbit Society Singapore) on the PROPER WAY to rehome bunnies!

For goodness sake, what message are they trying to convey by using bunnies as prizes with Easter round the corner? Go figure!

You know, I am beginning to wonder the origins of these ten bunnies. 

Were they bunnies that needed help (ie, abandoned) or were they specially bought for this contest from one of the pet farms at Lorong Harlus?

Let us boldly assume it is the latter, if so, that would defeat the purpose of the adoption drive as they would be robbing the chances of those homeless bunnies at the shelter that genuinely needed help especially those on deathroll!

Holding an adoption drive is to help ease the number of homeless bunnies; NOT increase it.

I have nothing against Downtown East for organising a adoption drive but it is how they handle it that drives me crazy!

I mean what I say: I will boycott Downtown East and all it's facilities if they carry on with this contest.

Sorry, bunnies. I have done all I could.

I guess you just have to continue suffering for as long as morons exists.

And one last word for Downtown East: Just stick to your egg painting for Easter. The bunnies and I will thank you for it.

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