Chef Wei HK Cheong Fun @ Blk 352 Clementi Ave 2

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Have you heard?

There is a new Hong Kong-styled chee cheong fun stall in town but alas, it is located all the way at Bedok. Having been a Westie all my life, that is pretty far by my standards therefore I have not been there yet. 

If you are my faithful follower, you would have noticed that there are hardly any food reviews from the East side on this blog because I am too lazy to travel!

The stall in question is Chef Wei HK Cheong Fun, headed by Chef Wei, a former dim sum chef from Peach Garden. At the point of writing (two months after opening his Bedok stall), he has already opened two more outlets at Blk 352 Clementi Ave 2 and Blk 257 Bangkit Road - both in the West!

Despite Bangkit being nearer, I decided to visit the Clementi outlet instead because that is where I lived and spent a greater part of my childhood. I have not been back for eons and it is a great opportunity for me to to do so.