Exercise Wallaby - R&R Day One

The warning sign at the sentry heading towards Sam Hill

You know what? This post is six months overdue!

That is how long I have put off writing the R&R bit of my Exercise Wallaby trip!

Refresh your memories here: 

After almost two weeks, we are finally leaving Sam Hill. This was my second time leaving here and I guess it is for good. 

It would be very unlikely that I will return here for a third time.

Yoghurt Plus @ Causeway Point *closed*

The SMURF Flavored Yoghurt

What is your favorite yoghurt flavor?

Chocolate? Vanilla? Or one of those fruity flavors like Mango or Peach?

Why not try "SMURF" for a change?

Hong Kong Egglet @ Jurong Point

The Hong Kong Egglet is essentially a kind of egg waffles which has been a very popular Hong Kong street snack since the 1950s.

The batter of egg, sugar and flour are poured into a special honeycomb-shaped waffle maker and then toasted to a golden hue similar to that of an eggshell. 

Because of the unique depressions on the lids of the waffle maker, the finished waffle resembled a cluster of eggs hence, it is also known as the 鸡蛋仔 (loosely translated as Little Eggs, or Gai Daan Zai in Cantonese).

视频: 我的爸爸




他从小就在一个单亲家庭里成长, 并由爸爸父兼母职的把他带大。


Siam Kitchen @ Lot One

We had an early Father's Day celebration dinner over at Siam Kitchen's Lot One outlet two nights ago.

The fragrance of Lemongrass greeted our noses the moment we walked into the restaurant and it instantly reminded me of a... foot massage palour! Haha!

The ambience is quite pleasant and I am attracted to those large window panes.

Although the restaurant is not very spacious, I do not feel very cram in there. Or maybe it's because we were early (about 6pm)?

Recipe: 仙人掌鸡汤 Cactus Soup

Today's main ingredient is a little prickly.

I did not know that the Cactus could be eaten, much less turned into a soup, and a nutritious one at that.

I was at my sister's place the other day when she asked me to stay for dinner as she is making this soup.

My jaw dropped when I heard that.

Never before in my life have I ever heard of "Cactus Soup".

I did not stay for dinner that day although it did pique my curiousity for the next few days.

Thus, when I saw Cactus pads for sale at the supermarket this morning, I decided to buy a piece home to try it out.

Cactus Soup is really fuss-free and easy to make but most of all, it is very affordable and nutritious.

Did you know that the Cactus contain beta carotene, iron, some B vitamins and are good sources of both vitamin C and calcium?

Here are more benefits of the Catcus:

- Reduces swelling
- Expels heatiness
- Strengthens immunity

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

Bon appetit!

Video: The Lady And The Reaper

An old lady living alone on her farm was waiting for death to arrive so she could be reunited with her dead husband.

One night, while asleep, she receives the Reaper's visit and he invites her to step across the threshold.

However, when she is about to do so, she awakes in the emergency room of a hospital: an arrogant doctor has brought her back to life.

A frenetic struggle between the doctor and the reaper ensues to see who will finally get the old lady’s life.

手工面 Hand-made Noodle

Mian Fen Guo (面粉粿)

U-Mian (幼面), Ban Mian (板面) and Mian Fen Guo (面粉粿) are three varieties of noodles classified as hand-made noodles (手工面) and is popularly served in the food courts and hawker centres of Singapore and Malaysia. 

In Malaysia, however, they call it the "Pan Mee".

The dough, which is a blend of flour, egg and water are first kneaded and left to rise. It is then flattened and rolled into the pasta maker; and depending on the kind of pasta you are making, it is then sliced into the desired width.

Video: Paranoia


'Paranoia' is an animated short film made by four students as part of their final year degree project for Thakur-Toonskool Advanced Animation Academy.

The film begins with the protagonist traveling in a late night Mumbai train and the carriage is empty except for a few sleepy passengers.

As the train pulls into the next station, a mysterious man with a briefcase boards the train and sat directly in front of him...