Yoghurt Plus @ Causeway Point *closed*

The SMURF Flavored Yoghurt

What is your favorite yoghurt flavor?

Chocolate? Vanilla? Or one of those fruity flavors like Mango or Peach?

Why not try "SMURF" for a change?

Presenting... the SMURF flavored yoghurt!

Small (5 oz.) SGD 3.20 (add SGD 1 for one topping)

It is quite a daunting task for me to describe how this "SMURF" flavor taste like as it is not something that I have tried before. No, it is not Blueberries if that is what you are guessing.

However, one thing is for certain: it does not taste like any supermarket yoghurt which leans on the sourish side.

The texture is similar to ice cream (sans the sugar level) and I am sure I would have mistaken it for one had I not already know that it is yoghurt beforehand.

Besides Yoghurt, Yoghurt Plus also offer muffins, salads, sandwiches and even baguette meals from SGD 5.50 (drinks inclusive).

Baguette Meals from SGD 5.50

Daily  Baguette Deals for SGD 4.50

This is what I had.

Chicken Sosage (sic)

My toasted baguette comes with letteuce, tomato, green pepper, cheese and a chicken sausage. It also comes with a "Free House Special" - Lemonade.

Although the baguette looked like it was toasted, it was in fact cold. I would have preferred my baguette meal to be warm with melting cheese.

I think it may be good for Yoghurt Plus to state whether they are serving cold or hot baguette.

Oh, they have ipads available for customer's use too!

1 Woodlands Square
Causeway Point
Singapore 738099