Seng Huat Coffee House - Bak Chor Mee @ Blk 811 Hougang Central

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Located within the same coffeeshop as the pork chop bun is a noodle stall that sell dry mee sua, fish ball noodle, abalone noodle and bak chor mee.

I have heard nothing but good reviews about their bak chor mee so I decided to try it out. Now, do you understand why I did not order soft-boiled eggs with my pork chop bun?

There is a short queue before me which cleared pretty fast. When it finally reached my turn, I ordered a bowl of bak chor mee kia.

Seng Huat Coffee House - Pork Chop Bun @ Blk 811 Hougang Central

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I have seen this pork chop bun making its rounds on Instagram since a few years back but the thought of going all the way to Seng Huat Coffee House at Hougang is enough to stop me in my tracks. 

It was actually after my visit to Sentosa FunFest 2018 when I thought of dropping by Seng Huat Coffee House since it's on the way.

My idea of "on the way" is by taking the North-East Line from Habourfront MRT Station (NE1) to Hougang MRT Station (NE14).

The coffeeshop is conveniently located just right outside Hougang MRT Station opposite Hougang Mall.

Market Street Teochew Kway Teow Mee @ Market Street Interim Hawker Centre

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Update: Market Street Teochew Kway Teow Mee has relocated. The new address has been updated at the bottom of this post.

A bowl of kway teow soup is what people usually have when they are not feeling well or do not have much of an appetite as it is non-greasy and not so heavy on the stomach.

I, for one, can have kway teow soup anytime of the day because I love soupy stuff; not necessary only when I am sick.

It is my comfort food and my backup plan when I have no idea what to have for my meal at the hawker centre.

Market Street Teochew Kway Teow Mee offers Teochew-styled noodles either dry or soup with your option of noodles like mee pok (flat noodles), mee kia (thin noodles), kway teow (flat rice noodles), macaroni, etc.

鹏 Tiong Bahru Wanton Mee @ Market Street Interim Hawker Centre

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Update: 鹏 Tiong Bahru Wanton Mee has relocated. The new address has been updated at the bottom of this post.

This is a very promising bowl of wanton mee at Market Street Interim Hawker Centre. Just look at the amount of ingredients in my $3.50 bowl.

The portion of the mee kia is more than half the height of the bowl while char siew, fried wanton and choy sum sits on top. I actually have difficulty finishing the noodles even though what I had was the regular bowl.

The Live Turtle And Tortoise Museum @ The Chinese Garden

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Located right inside the Chinese Garden lies Singapore's - and probably the world's - only turtle and tortoise museum. It is a unique, and one-of-a-kind museum, which houses a varied collection of the reptiles including some endangered species on the CITES.

It also holds the Guinness World Record since 2005 for the largest collection of turtle and tortoise items.

Unfortunately for the museum, the site it is sitting on has been incorporated into the masterplan design of the Jurong Lake Gardens project.

This spells nothing but trouble for the 500 turtles and tortoises who have lost their home with nowhere to go.

With a heavy heart, I decided to pay the museum a visit, four days before they are slated to close - permanently.

Ah Liang Ipoh Hor Fun @ Market Street Interim Hawker Centre

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Update: Ah Liang Ipoh Hor Fun has relocated. The new address has been updated at the bottom of this post.

My first visit to Ah Liang Ipoh Hor Fun was at their Maxwell Food Centre outlet a few weeks ago after an appointment nearby.

I have come across Ah Liang Ipoh Hor Fun during my previous research thus when I happened to stumble across them at Maxwell, I decided to order a plate to try since the lunch crowd has already dispersed with no queue.

Sentosa FunFest 2018 With 300 We Bare Bear Inflatables!

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This March school holidays, Cartoon Network's We Bare Bears will be coming to Sentosa for Sentosa Funfest 2018! 

There will be plenty of photo opportunities with the 300-ish We Bare Bear inflatables around Palawan Beach and Palawan Green. Apart from the inflatables, keep your eyes peeled for cardboard cut-outs and life-sized figurines scattered randomly around the island.

Say Seng Authentic Teochew Mee Pok @ Market Street Interim Hawker Centre

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Update: Say Seng Authentic Teochew Mee Pok has relocated. The new address has been updated at the bottom of this post.

Say Seng Authentic Teochew Mee Pok (生成乾面) is one of the few stalls with a snaking queue that caught my attention during my first visit to the temporary hawker centre. I did not managed to have anything at that time because I do not want to join the lunch time queue.

I returned for a visit slightly earlier on another day and I headed straight for the stall only to find that there is no queue.

Old Chang Kee Nasi Lemak Chicken'O

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You can tell that Singaporeans really love their nasi lemak when the national dish has been given numerous makeovers in recent years. From nasi lemak burger to nasi lemak onigiri and even nasi lemak served with lobster, Old Chang Kee has now upped the game with their own nasi lemak chicken'o!

Encased within the green, flaky crust are the usual suspects like chicken meat, a wedge of hard-boiled egg, ikan bilis, peanuts and sambal.