Oprah Winfrey Tells You About Puppy Mills

Have you ever been so tempted to bring a puppy home each time you step into a pet store and seeing those rambunctious puppies vying for your attention behind the window?

Sure, puppies are cute but have you ever wonder where they came from or even how their parents were being treated?

Without much further ado, let us meet the parents of those adorable pet store puppies...

Punggol East By-Election

Timelapse of Workers' Party's final rally by Jake Wang

In a couple more hours, the results for the by-election of Punggol East would be revealed. 

Which of the four candidates would emerge victorious after nine days of vigorous campaigning?

Would it be:

a) Koh Poh Koon, "the son of Punggol" from the ruling party People's Action Party (PAP),

b) "Jeya baby" Kenneth Jeyaretnam from the Reform Party (RP),

c) Desmond Lim, former protege of Chiam See Tong from the Singapore Democratic Alliance (SDA), or,

d) Lee Lilian, the sole female contender in this by-election from the Workers' Party (WP)

Whoever it may be, I only hope the residents of Punggol East exercise their voting rights wisely.

That aside, is anyone waiting for Yam Ah Mee tonight? Kee Chiew!








Viedo: Barkour - Pakour For Dogs

Meet Tret, Jackie Chan Of The Canine World






Video: Give A Little Love

Giving a helping hand does not have to be made very complicated.

You can start doing so in your daily life by giving up your seat to someone more deserving; sharing your umbrella with someone on a wet day; or simply brighten up someone's day by sparing a thought for them.

If helping others could spread some warmth and happiness to your heart, why not?

How wonderful our world might be if we care a little more about the people around us?