Oprah Winfrey Tells You About Puppy Mills

Have you ever been so tempted to bring a puppy home each time you step into a pet store and seeing those rambunctious puppies vying for your attention behind the window?

Sure, puppies are cute but have you ever wonder where they came from or even how their parents were being treated?

Without much further ado, let us meet the parents of those adorable pet store puppies...

If a picture speaks a thousand words, then what do you think these pictures are really saying?

Before seeing these pictures, are your mind filled with images of a lactating female dog suckling her pups in a big whelping box? Or a litter of puppies playing with their breeder in a loving home environment?

I am sorry if I had burst those heartwarming images in your mind but in reality, the parents of the pet store puppies are caged up somehwere under deplorable conditions.

All their life, they are kept in rusted cages that is filled with their own excrement. Grooming is unheard of and they probably do not even get fed regularly. Do not even talk about them getting cuddles or being let out for a walk.

The only time they leave the cage is probably the day they are taken out to be destroyed because they are too old or too sick to reproduce.

Please understand that you are indirectly responsible for sentencing the puppies' parents to a lifetime imprisonment in the puppy mill should you make a puppy purchase at the pet store.

YES, that makes you an accomplice to the breeders.

End their sufferings by not supporting this ugly industry.

Watch this episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show to learn more about the plights of the breeding dogs at the puppy mills.
What you don't know can't hurt you but now that you do, I hope these 45 minutes could change your mind about buying puppies from the pet stores.