Uncle Louis Famous Chicken Rice @ People's Park Food Centre

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It has been some time since my last visit to People's Park Food Centre at 32 New Market Road. 

The hawker centre underwent a 3-months long renovation last year and is now comparatively cleaner and brighter. However, the persisting bird nuisance remains a issue to be addressed.

The lunch crowd was already gone by the time I arrived at two o'clock. I walk around to check which stalls are still available post lunch hour and I came upon Uncle Louis Famous Chicken Rice

I do not remember seeing this stall before. I have not been here for ages so it might be new. I decided to give it a try.

Quan Long Wanton Noodle @ Marsiling Mall Hawker Centre

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Within the past two weeks, I have been to Marsiling Mall Hawker Centre three times for this Quan Long Wanton Noodle however, I have no luck with it as the stall is close each time I am there.

I wanted to try this stall so much because of its glowing reviews. According to Google, they open everyday so it seems like they might have closed for good?

On the fourth visit, I still harbor a glimmer of hope that the stall is still in business but I am also mentally prepared to try something else just like the previous three visits. 

Imagine my joy when I saw the shutter up with a line in front of the stall. I joined the queue eagerly.

Ye Lai Xiang Laksa - Prawn Noodle @ Marsiling Mall Hawker Centre

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If you have been researching for food recommendations at Marsiling Mall Hawker Centre, chances are, you will see one particular name keep turning up in your search.

As I was about to find out, this stall called Ye Lai Xiang Laksa is one of the more popular stalls here with a constant queue. I observed that customers just keep coming the entire time I was sitting there in front of the stall, however, the staff clears the line efficiently.

I think the auntie would make a pro at playing Cooking Mama.

The stall serves laksa, lor mee and prawn noodle at two prices: $4.50 for regular and $5.50 for large.

Although laksa is their signature dish, I decided to try the dry prawn noodle instead hence I ordered the large bowl.

Ah Yi Handmade Noodle - Manually Hand-Pinched Mee Hoon Kueh @ Marsiling Mall Hawker Centre

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This is my first ever visit to Marsiling Mall Hawker Centre at 4 Woodlands Street 12. Opened in 2018, it houses 70 cooked food stalls with 80% of the hawkers coming from the Old Woodlands Town Centre Hawker Centre.

While researching for food recommendations here, Ah Yi Handmade Noodle & Fish Soup caught my eye. Maybe I am bias but that is because I love handmade noodle.

Among the types of noodles available, my favorite is the mee hoon kueh. However, most of the time, I would order either the ban mian or u-mian instead.

The reason for doing so is because not all mee hoon kueh are created equal.