Recipe: Sambal Petai With Ikan Bilis

As it's name suggest, the Stinkbean gives off a pungent smell not many could accept.

Also known as the Petai, it is something that requires an acquired taste. It would take tremendous courage for a first timer to try it but once he did, I am sure he would fall in love with this! (think Smelly Tofu)

You could eat it raw straight away but in my opinion, Petai tastes best when cooked with Sambal Chilli!

My recipe today is done via the lazy way without Assam (Tamarind) or  pounding the Rempah from scratch.

I am replacing the Assam with Lime Juice and the Sambal Chilli used in this recipe is ready-made bought from the wet market.

If you have time, you could chop the Petai into smaller chunks. I find it tastes even better that way!

Here are some benefits of the Petai:

- Beats Depression
- Combats Anaemia
- Lowers Blood Pressure

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

Bon appetit!

顺利猪肉粥 Soon Lee Porridge @ Clementi Central

An impromptu visit to Clementi Central last week prompted me to have lunch at Blk 448's Market & Food Centre.

With a myriad of options available, I was spoilt for choice!

I walked along the stalls and it did not take me long before I stopped my tracks at Soon Lee Porridge

I placed an order with the lad standing outside the stall and was duly informed that there would be at least a twenty minutes wait.

吃在台北 Eat At Taipei @ JCUBE

座落于裕廊东的 JCUBE (Jurong Entertainment Centre 的前生) 在今年四月就已隆重开幕。由于讨厌人挤人的缘故,到那闲逛的计划一拖再拖,迟迟没能实现。


Video: Hong Kong School Boy Deep Fried Terrapin

A home-made video from Hong Kong has recently gone viral, drawing flakes from netizens.

Apparently, a school boy has deep fried a small Red Ear Slider and his voice could be heard from behind the video camera describing how to eat the terrapin.

He demonstrates by pushing a fork down the dead terrapin's neck, and using a knife to slice off it's head. The fork with the head was then taken behind the camera followed by an exclamation of "Very crispy!"

He then stabs the terrapin in the abdominal with the knife and hits the terrapin against the bowl repeatedly as the carapace has harderned from prolonged frying. 

The boy eventually cuts the terrapin into two, spilling it's intestine.

Watch the video below.

Cook For Family

With our hectic lifestyle, family dinners are not happening for many of us as much as we had wanted. We would get so caught up with our lives that we tend to neglect our loved ones. 

When Daniel of DanielFoodDiary emailed me about this #CookForFamily initiative started by him, I knew I had to take part.

His objective is simple: To get more bloggers, and hopefully their fans and followers, to start cooking and bond with their families. 

Recipe: Coca Cola Chicken Wings

I have long heard about this weird way of cooking chicken wings with Coca Cola but I have not attempt this recipe till today.

I am surprised that this recipe is so easy and the end product can be so good! My Mum, in particular like it so much that she asked me how it was done.

One thing I find about this recipe is that the combined 400ml liquid of Coca Cola and water may be a little too much because it takes roughly 20 minutes for the liquids to be reduced.

Though the taste is nice, I find the meat texture a little too overcooked for my liking. I think I will reduce the water to 100ml and see how it turns out next time.

Try this out and let me know how you like it?

Bon appetit!

Recipe: Seaweed Soup With Tofu

Unlike my other 老火汤 recipes which require long hours of simmering, this is a relatively no-frills soup which can be done in a jiffy.

So, if you are pressed for time yet craving for soup, this is the recipe for you.

This is quite a light soup as the main ingredients are just Tofu and Seaweed. You may like to add some seafood, meatballs or even Yong Tau Foo to make the taste more robust.

I happened to have some Prawns and Fish Maw lying around in the fridge so I added those into the soup as well.

Here are some benefits of Seaweed:

- Prevents fat absorbtion
- Reduces water retention
- Promotes mental youthfulness

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

Bon appetit!

Recipe: Stir Fry Spinach With Salted Egg

I was at the supermarket choosing Spinach for this recipe when I noticed that it was labeled as 笕菜 on the packaging.

This confuses me as I always thought that Spinach is 菠菜 in Chinese?

Can someone enlighten me whether 笕菜 and 菠菜 are the same?

Anyway, here are some benefits of the Spinach:

- Loaded with flavonoids which protects the body from free radicals
- Contains anti-inflammatory properties which acts against Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Migraine and Asthma

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

Bon appetit!

Recipe: 豉汁蒸排骨 Steamed Spare Ribs In Black Bean Paste

If you are a Dim Sum lover, this Steamed Spare Ribs in Black Bean Paste (豉汁蒸排骨) would be no stranger to you.

We would definitely order a steamer of this whenever we have Dim Sum.

If we cook this at home, we love to drench the sauce over white rice and the plate would be polished so clean that we could see our reflection in it!

Do not steam the Spare Ribs for too long or the meat would 'toughen' and depending on the saltiness of your Black Bean Paste, adjust accordingly how much to put in.

Just experiment abit to get the taste you prefer!

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

Bon appetit!

Recipe: Taro & Sago In Coconut Milk

Mum and I loved both Taro and Sago so I thought I would make us this dessert!

To be honest, I did not follow the recipe exactly.

I first divided the Taro into three equal parts. I cubed 2/3 of it, then steamed it for approximately 20 minutes together with the remaining 1/3.

After the steaming was done, I mashed the 1/3 with the back of a wooden spatula as I wanted a more creamy dessert.

The water and Coconut Milk were brought to a boil and I added in the cubed and smashed Taro while preparing to cook the Sago in a separate pot of water.

While waiting for the Sago to be cooked, I realised that the cubed Taro keeps sticking to the bottom of the pot so I have to keep stirring it.

In the end, the cubed Taro was way too overcooked and most of it has disintegrated due to the constant stirring.

Therefore, my advice is to cook the Sago first before putting the steamed Taro AND cooked Sago into the Coconut Milk at the same time.

My dessert still taste fine only that it is way too creamy!

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

Bon appetit!

Exercise Wallaby - R&R Day Two Part II

Capricorn Caves

Just a recap from Part I, we were chilling at Zarraffa's Coffee using their wifi while waiting for the coach to bring us to the Capricorn Caves

I was actually disappointed to know that we are going to a cave and not to Keppel Island. I mean, what is there to see inside a cave, right?

How wrong was I!

As I found out later, Capricorn Caves is an ancient geological landscape formed from underwater coral beds over 360 million years ago. 

Video: Perverted Hong Kong Grandpa Harassing Young Cement Mixer For Blow Job (Cantonese)

A young cement mixer was working by the staircase landing when an old man appeared and insinuated for a blow job.

After being turned down, the old man offered to service the young man instead. When that was rejected as well, he offered to pay the young man for his services.

Despite the young man's repeat rejection that he is not that kind of person, the old man persisted and suggested that they do it on the staircase landing. He even invited the young man to his house.

What will the conversation lead to?

Watch the video below.

Video: Abuden

How often have you encountered people asking you the obvious? Well, I get that all the time!

Sometimes, it can be funny yet at times, it could be downright baffling!

I guess asking the obvious is how some people break the ice when they have nothing else to start a conversation with?

What do you think?

Video: How To Feed A Difficult Baby

For most parents, I guess one of the most challenging task faced while raising a child has got to be during feeding times.

The child would be running all over the place and the poor parents would be trailing behind trying to get him/her to eat another spoonful.

However, parents now no longer have to be tormented by this problem.

Here's introducing a way how you could feed your child effortlessly!

Do give this unique way of feeding a try to see if the little tyke would comply?

Remember to share this method with your friends and leave me a message if you are successful!

Video: Walao Eh

Walao eh!

It is a term so familiar with Singaporeans and Malaysians alike.

This expression is so versatile that you can use it in almost any occasion!

Just under what circumstances will you say "Walau eh"?

Army Open House 2012 @ The City Part II

F1 Pit where the open house took place

Hello, here are more photos from the AOH 2012. These are the remainder photos that do not make it to the previous post. There are more, of course, but most of those do not make the cut.


Exercise Wallaby - R&R Day Two Part I

4am at Farnborough Beach

Just before going to sleep, I set the alarm at 4am so I could wake up in time to catch the sunrise at Farnborough Beach.

I only had a few hours of shut eye as I was watching Top Gear on TV in my room with another friend who did not go drinking at the town with the rest of our friends.

As the resort was just right next to the beach, the seabreeze was howling throughout the night. It is kind of scary hearing that outside your balcony as we hardly encounter such wind speeds in Singapore.

The sky was still dark and very chilly as I made my way to the beach.