Recipe: Taro & Sago In Coconut Milk

Mum and I loved both Taro and Sago so I thought I would make us this dessert!

To be honest, I did not follow the recipe exactly.

I first divided the Taro into three equal parts. I cubed 2/3 of it, then steamed it for approximately 20 minutes together with the remaining 1/3.

After the steaming was done, I mashed the 1/3 with the back of a wooden spatula as I wanted a more creamy dessert.

The water and Coconut Milk were brought to a boil and I added in the cubed and smashed Taro while preparing to cook the Sago in a separate pot of water.

While waiting for the Sago to be cooked, I realised that the cubed Taro keeps sticking to the bottom of the pot so I have to keep stirring it.

In the end, the cubed Taro was way too overcooked and most of it has disintegrated due to the constant stirring.

Therefore, my advice is to cook the Sago first before putting the steamed Taro AND cooked Sago into the Coconut Milk at the same time.

My dessert still taste fine only that it is way too creamy!

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

Bon appetit!

400gm Taro (cubed)
1/2 cup Sago
500ml Coconut Milk
Rock Sugar
A few Pandan Leaves (washed, tied in a knot)
1 liter water 

1) Soak the Sago in cold water till they turned translucent
2) Drain away the cold water and transfer Sago into boiling water 
3) Stir frequently to prevent clumping 
4) Sago is done when the white dot in the centre disappears. Set aside
5) Bring 1 liter of water to a boil
6) Add the Coconut Milk, Pandan Leaves and cubed Taro
7) Once the Taro cubes are cooked, add the Sago and Rock Sugar to taste
8) Serve hot or chilled