Exercise Wallaby - R&R Day Two Part I

4am at Farnborough Beach

Just before going to sleep, I set the alarm at 4am so I could wake up in time to catch the sunrise at Farnborough Beach.

I only had a few hours of shut eye as I was watching Top Gear on TV in my room with another friend who did not go drinking at the town with the rest of our friends.

As the resort was just right next to the beach, the seabreeze was howling throughout the night. It is kind of scary hearing that outside your balcony as we hardly encounter such wind speeds in Singapore.

The sky was still dark and very chilly as I made my way to the beach.

Anyway, to call it a "breeze" would be an understatement!

Hear it for yourself.

I thought I was early enough but there were already a couple of people at the beach.

The wind was really strong and sand was flying everywhere! 

Sunrise was a long wait

The sky was beginning to get brighter but there was still no sign of the sun. I have waited for almost two hours before a glow finally appeared in the horizon at 6am.

The Dark Knight rises?

Seems like the obligatory thing to do on a beach

It was an emotional moment for me to have watched the sunrise from the same beach eleven years apart!
A long way back to shore

That is how far the tide has receeded.
By 7.30am, the sunrise was complete and I decided it's time to return to my room. 

Remember the Chapel that I had to walk past on the way to the beach? These flowers were grown in front of the porch. 

I had a shower (there were sand all over me!) before going for breakfast at Billabong Restaurant.

Done with breakfast, I was back in my room for yet another shower as the jet from the showerhead was really shiok. 

Remember we only bathe with the waterbag back at Sam Hill? In fact, we only get to bathe during the first week. For the whole of the second week, we were in the outfield so we could only powder bath.

After my bath, I was doing some packing when I heard a commotion below the balcony.

Guess what I saw?

Cranes! Or was it Storks?

The people downstairs were really excited to see the birds... 

The ang mohs were throwing them some bread from the balcony

Around 11am, we checked out of the resort and headed to Stockland Rockhampton for last minute shopping.
Porcelain mug with Jack Russell

The day before, we were distributed with food coupons to exchange for lunch at the food court here. 

Tastes horrid

I am not one to waste food but I really could not stomach this. In the end, my friend and I bought KFC instead.

After lunch, we wandered around the mall aimlessly. There was nothing much to buy. We decided to find somewhere to chill till the stipulated time to board the coach.

Caramelised Fusion

We settled at Zarraffa's Coffee aiming for the wifi.

We are setting off for the [Capricorn Caves] for some sightseeing followed by dinner then it is to the Rockhampton Airport back to Singapore!

Stay tuned!