Delicious Fried Carrot Cake 日夜香菜头粿 @ Redhill Market & Food Centre

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There are two rival fried carrot cake stalls at Redhill Food Centre but I decided to patronize the one called Delicious Fried Carrot Cake (日夜香菜头粿 #01-33) instead of Fu Ming Cooked Food (福明熟食 #01-49).

The reason why I picked one over the other is because I heard that they add taugeh (beansprouts) to their fried carrot cake. I have eaten fried carrot cake with beansprouts at Thailand before but it is still the first time I have heard of this combination in Singapore. I must admit, it did arouse my interest to give them a try.

Manned by an elderly couple, the uncle does all the frying while the auntie helps to take order, beat the eggs and receive payment.

Both the white and black versions of fried carrot cake are available here and you can opt for or without beansprouts.

Yan 焱 Fried Beehoon And Fried Chicken Wings @ Redhill Market & Food Centre

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I have finally gotten the chance to try the fried bee hoon and fried chicken wings that Mr Lee Hsien Loong had personally stood 30 minutes in line for.

It caused quite a stir back then when photographs of the Prime Minister queuing went viral across all social networks.

That was two years ago.

Black Muah Chee @ Toa Payoh HDB Hub

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I am quite surprised to know that there is a black version of muah chee

This stall called "Hougang Six Miles Famous Muah Chee" located inside Gourmet Paradise Food Court at Toa Payoh HDB Hub sells exactly that. The black element is actually due to the crushed black sesame seeds coating its exterior.

Of course, they do sell the usual crushed peanut version as well.

Here, the muah chee are individually hand pulled from a larger dough then dipped in shallot oil before being tossed into a bed of crushed peanuts or black sesame.

Compared to other vendors who simply place a blob of the dough into the tray of crushed peanuts and then snipping them into smaller pieces with scissors, Hougang Six Miles Famous Muah Chee's muah chee is way more chewy due to the extra stretching.

Dover Road Kai Kee Wanton Noodle 杜佛路佳記雲吞麵 @ Alexandra Village Food Centre

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About a year ago, Dad returned home with two packets of Wanton Noodles for Mum and me. While transferring the noodles onto a plate, I was surprised not just by the big mound of noodles, but also the number of wantons that slipped out from the plastic bag!

As I send a mouthful of noodles into my mouth, my eyes sparkled. Never mind the lean char siew and limpy wantons, the sauce is the kind I liked. So comforting, so old school but so difficult to find!

I queried with Dad where he bought the noodles from but I could not get a definite answer as he just randomly picked a stall to tapau the food from. All I knew was that it is somewhere in Bukit Merah.

Collecting Magic: From Stamps To Wands - A Harry Potter Exhibition At The Singapore Philatelic Museum

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Pottermania has made a comeback this year, with the release of the latest book, Harry Potter & The Cursed Child, and this exhibition - Collecting Magic: From Stamps To Wands at the Singapore Philatelic Museum!

Your favorite child wizards Harry, Ron and Hermione have arrived at the Museum, in the form of stamps as well as movie memorabilia and collectibles from private collectors.

On display are items such as the first licensed Harry Potter stamps, First Day Covers, postcards, stamps, limited edition books and DVDs, prop replicas, movie posters, toys and more.