Tai Wah Pork Noodle @ Hong Lim Market & Food Centre

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Mention Hong Lim Market & Food Centre and chances are, Tai Wah Pork Noodle would come to mind.
It is one of the more popular stalls here evident by the line of customers it serve everyday. I have long wanted to give it a try but was intimidated by the waiting time.

Imagine my surprise when I visited the food centre on a particular morning to see only five people in the queue. I did not go there specifically for the pork noodle but since such an opportunity does not come easy, I wasted no time in joining them although it still took about thirty minutes for me to receive my bowl.

Ma Bo Lor Mee @ Hong Lim Market & Food Centre

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There used to be a Ma Bo Lor Mee stall located near my place. I liked their lor mee so much that I would patronized them about two or three times a week. I was devastated when the stall closed. Although there have many outlets across Singapore, I have not had any ever since.

After a hiatus of so many years, I came across an outlet at Hong Lim Market & Food Centre. I decided to relive the taste of the lor mee that I used to adore. 

You can have their lor mee in three ways: signature ($2.50/$3.50), with fried battered fish ($3/$4) or fried chicken cutlet ($3/$4). Laksa is also available in the same permutations and pricing. I could not recall if laksa is a new addition to the menu or did they have it all along?

Previously, I would only order their chicken cutlet lor mee therefore this time, I decided to have the fried fish lor mee instead.

Ah Meng Ondeh Ondeh @ Hong Lim Market & Food Centre

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A couple of months back, my family was blessed with three packs of this orange colored ondeh ondeh by a neighbor who had purchased them from Ah Meng Ondeh Ondeh at Hong Lim Market & Food Centre. 

Unlike the usual green colored pandan-infused glutinous rice balls, these handmade ondeh ondeh from Ah Meng are made with sweet potato instead.

They come ready packed in four ($1.60), six ($2.40) and eight pieces ($3.20). The stall also sell handmade tapioca kueh which are equally popular and gets sold out by noon.

Lee Kheong Roasted Delicacy @ Hong Lim Market & Food Centre

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Update: Lee Kheong Roasted Delicacy has permanently closed.

Due to online recommendations, I have come to Lee Kheong Roasted Delicacy at Hong Lim Market & Food Centre for its spare ribs but as the stall had just opened for the day, only the char siew, roasted pork and roasted duck are available.

What a shame it was not ready yet because the photo of the spare ribs that I saw was so succulent looking I wished I could sink my teeth into them right there and then.

Hong Xing Handmade Fish Ball Noodle @ Hong Lim Market & Food Centre

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I was doing my rounds checking out the stalls at Hong Lim Market & Food Centre when I noticed the queue in front of Hong Xing Handmade Fish Ball Noodle.

Many have come for their handmade fish balls ($4/$6/$8) and meat balls ($5/$6/$10) but you could also have them with your choice of noodle ($3.50/$4.50/$5.50).

Since it is my first meal of the day, I did not think the smallest bowl would satiate my appetite therefore, I opt for the medium bowl of mee pok dry. The queue moved rather quickly so it did not take long to place my order with the friendly uncle.

Meng Kee Claypot Braised Pig Trotters @ Taman Jurong Market & Food Centre

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Meng Kee at Taman Jurong Market & Food Centre serves quite a variety of claypot dishes all at a standard price of $5.

On its menu are braised pig trotters, braised meat (pork), sesame chicken, bak kut teh, pig's liver and ginger & spring onion batang sliced fish. They also do curries like curry chicken, curry spare ribs, curry mutton, curry sotong, curry fish and curry vegetables.

It is quite easy to overlook this stall as the stall front honestly does not seemed interesting enough to warrant another look and not to mention it being hidden in a inconspicuous corner of the food centre. 

Despite being just a few units away from Ng Kee, I did not once throw it a glance that is, until I learn about their pig trotters which they are highly touted for from the hardwarezone community. 

Ying Ji Wanton Noodle @ Taman Jurong Market & Food Centre

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While queuing for my curry mutton noodle from Ying Ji Wanton Noodle at Taman Jurong Market & Food Centre, I noticed the customer before me ordering their wanton noodle.

I was stunned by the sheer amount of char siew in his bowl therefore I made a mental note to come back for it. 

On the day of my visit, I went up to the stall and straightaway ordered a $4 bowl of wanton noodle with the auntie. For some reason, I thought the wanton noodle come in $3 and $4. I only looked up at the signboard after ordering and realized that the dish come in $3 and $3.50 instead.

I knew I was going to have trouble finishing the noodle. With bated breath, I stood there watching the auntie putting the bowl together. True enough, when the finished product was placed on the counter, I gasp. 

The enormous bowl of wanton noodle come with a big bowl of soup on the side.

Ying Ji Wanton Noodle - Curry Mutton Noodle @ Taman Jurong Market & Food Centre

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Despite her name, Ying Ji Wanton Noodle located on the third floor of Taman Jurong Market & Food Centre has a lot more to offer other than wanton noodle.

Also on the menu are fried wanton noodle, chicken feet noodle, mushroom shredded chicken noodle, curry chicken noodle and the focus of this review - curry mutton noodle. 

I think it is rather unusual to find curry mutton noodle at a wanton noodle stall therefore, I decided to order a regular plate ($4/$5) to try.

Ng Kee Teochew Fish Ball Kuay Teow Mee @ Taman Jurong Market & Food Centre

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Located on the second floor of Taman Jurong Market & Food Centre is Ng Kee Teochew Fish Ball Kuay Teow Mee, a popular fish ball noodle stall run by three brothers.

The stall is so popular, I am unable to get myself a bowl during my first three visits to the food centre. 

The scenario was the same for all three visits: I did not see any queue from afar so I happily skipped towards the stall only to be told of the 40 - 50 minutes long waiting time. I did not want to wait that long so I did not order.

However, if you do not mind the wait, the brother taking orders will give you the heads-up of the waiting time before asking you to take a seat after you have placed your order therefore, do not be misled by the seemingly lack of a physical queue that there is no queue at all.

I only managed to lay my hands on a bowl after my fourth visit when I visited the food centre real early at 8am (the previous visits were at about 10am). I was thrilled when he told me the current waiting time is five minutes (although in reality, it took fifteen minutes instead).

While waiting for my order, I noticed that he deliver the orders to those sitting in front of the stall. Those who were a little further away, like I do, will have to collect on their own. While serving a customer near me, he came over to tell me that my order is next. Barely a few moments later, he beckoned to me that my order is ready for collection.