Happy 17th Barkday!

I weally weally wuff you

I weally weally do

When I say, "Your wonderful"

It's weally, weally true.

You mean the very world to me

You weally haven't got a clue.

I so tweasure our welationship

cause I'm so in wuff with you.


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What Does A Cleaver, A Typewriter And An Abacus Have In Common?

Well, they are used as musical instruments and in a Chinese Orchestra no less!

Sounds unbelievable? I have to admit that I too raised an eyebrow when I came across the videos but after listening to them, I find the sounds... music to my ears!

Check out the performances below.

Review: Retro Handheld Game Console

And so, I saw someone flaunting this retro handheld game console on FB the other day. Not to be outdone, I ordered one set for myself too.

I believe 8-bit games form a collective memory for many people who grew up playing such games on the Atari and Nintendo. This is especially so for those from my generation.

I placed an order on October 4 but there were no updates on the tracking website till October 9. I got a little impatient but there was nothing I could do except to wait. Then, I found out that week was their holiday following their National Day.

The package finally got delivered yesterday so I thought I would share the unboxing here.

DIY: Corner Bookmarks And Origami Heart Shape Corner Bookmarks

Just before I went for my ICT two weeks ago, I made some corner bookmarks for a book lover friend of mine. These bookmarks are inexpensive and easy to make so even if you lose them, they are easily replaceable. 

I have long wanted to write up this post when I found out this ingenious way of making bookmarks but have been procrastinating like forever.

If you love reading or know someone who does, perhaps you can try your hand at making your own bookmarks? 

End Of ICT With Marrybrown At iFly, SENTOSA!

After a grueling two weeks high key ICT (which gave me a very nasty blister), it finally ended this morning with a unit cohesion at SENTOSA. What luck it was for me, as I lay in bed last night and read the news about Malaysia's fried chicken franchise, Marrybrown, setting foot in Singapore at SENTOSA's iFly!

I loved their fried chicken so much that I try to have some whenever I visited City Square at JB.

So, after the cohesion ended, everyone out pro-ed and I happily made my way to iFly. The fast food restaurant was officially opened just a week ago on the 1st of October.

I reached there 30 minutes before 11am and being the only customer, had the whole place to myself and all the privacy I needed to take photos.