End Of ICT With Marrybrown At iFly, SENTOSA!

After a grueling two weeks high key ICT (which gave me a very nasty blister), it finally ended this morning with a unit cohesion at SENTOSA. What luck it was for me, as I lay in bed last night and read the news about Malaysia's fried chicken franchise, Marrybrown, setting foot in Singapore at SENTOSA's iFly!

I loved their fried chicken so much that I try to have some whenever I visited City Square at JB.

So, after the cohesion ended, everyone out pro-ed and I happily made my way to iFly. The fast food restaurant was officially opened just a week ago on the 1st of October.

I reached there 30 minutes before 11am and being the only customer, had the whole place to myself and all the privacy I needed to take photos.

Marrybrown outlet at iFly, SENTOSA

Combo E, Chick-A-Licious

I ordered the Chick-A-Licious combo which is a two piece chicken drenched with black pepper sauce served with fries, a scoop of mashed potato and a drink. Normally, I would have preferred mushroom sauce (which was my usual order in Malaysia) but I wasn't given the option by the staff.

I am actually a little disappointed that the meal was served in a box instead of on a plate just like in Malaysia.

While the drumstick was tender and juicy, the other piece being breast meat was a lot tougher and not that well marinated thus, the black pepper sauce make a good dip for the otherwise tasteless meat. Nevertheless, the freshly fried crispy chicken skin is still very addictive.

The fries and mashed potato were quite generic while the latter's brown sauce is bland.

My combo costs $9.90. I upsized the drink for $0.30 more which brings the total to $10.20. Under normal circumstances, $8 is the maximum I would pay for a one person meal at a fast food restaurant. It doesn't help that the restaurant is located at a tourist attraction so they might have mark up the price to cope with rental.

I like Marrybrown but the Singapore pricing is a big deterrent for me to make a return visit anytime soon. With the current exchange rate in our favor, it makes more sense to have Marrybrown in Malaysia.

43, Siloso Beach Walk
Singapore 099010


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