*Knock Knock* Who's there? It's The Hungry Ghost!

With the Gates of Hell opening and the hungry ghosts set free to wander the streets for the next thirty days, I shall repost an old entry from my previous blog to kick start the annual Hungry Ghost Festival which begins tonight!


Wong Solo Ikan Bawal @ Far East Plaza

Mum and I were at Shaw Lido last Saturday to attend the movie premiere of TWISTED.

However, I had brought her to Far East Plaza to have our early dinner before the show starts.

Just the previous night, I sent out a Tweet asking for recommendations of what to eat and Daniel was there to help.

Video: How To Get That Girl You've Always Wanted!

Troubled by love?

Always shunned by the opposite sex?

Wondering why the girls never look your way till you wanna sing 对面的女孩看过来?


Help is here!

电影: 《撞鬼》 (TWISTED)

影 片 名:《撞鬼》
英 文 名:Twisted
类别 :恐怖/喜剧
导 演:蔡于位
主要演员:李国煌 朱咪咪 廖语晴 苏智诚 陈来翔 林冰冰 梁祖仪 赖力豪 李美玲
本地发行商:Shaw Organisation Clover Films


Terracotta Warriors: The First Emperor and His Legacy

In the Spring of 1974, several farmers from the Yang Village near Xi'an were digging a well when they stumbled across the most priceless archaeological discovery of modern times!

Excavations have un-earthed thousands of terracotta warriors, each with a unique facial expression and positioned according to their ranks.

They are a replica of the Qin army from more than 2,200 years ago and it was believed that each terracotta warriors were replicas of real Chinese soldiers.

The army of statues, numbering in the thousands, is testament of the forces the first Emperor of China had at his command. 

Qin Shi Huang (259 - 210BC) was the first Emperor of the Qin Dynasty and he was the founder of China's first empire after unifying the Seven Warring States. If this name sounded all too familiar, that was because he is the one who ordered the building and restoration of the Great Wall of China!

Upon ascending the throne at the age of 13, Qin Shi Huang ordered the construction of his tomb which took 38 years to build and utilizing the labor of over 700,000 conscripts many of whom were killed to protect the privacy of the Emperor once it was done.

A Visit To The Chinese Garden

I was feeling bored at home last Sunday so I decided to change into my jeans and shirt and hopped onto an east-bound train with no destination in mind.

As I travelled, I figured that I had nowhere to go to on the east side so I changed my mind and u-turned at Jurong East, headed for Chinese Garden instead.

Since young, it has always been my dream to visit the garden together with my family but due to some reasons whatsoever, this dream never did materialize.

Fridgeezoo 冰箱动物园

顾名思义,Fridgeezoo 指的正是「冰箱里的动物园」。




Chocolate Melts 1-For-1 From McDonald's

McDonald's Chocolate Melts buy one get one free!

Flash the above coupon to enjoy the offer.

Promotion starts from today till 19th July!


金龙咖喱鱼头 Kam Long Curry Fish Head @ Johor Bahru

For the past few months, Dad has been talking about this Curry Fish Head from Johor Bahru which he has heard  from his Malaysian colleague.

I loved Indian Curry Fish Head alot but I would not say the same for Chinese-styled Curry Fish Head. It is not something that I would order unless it's a family dinner and the rest of the clan craves for it.

So, it was very unwillingly that Mum and I followed him to Johor Bahru in search of this Curry Fish Head. 

Twister Fries From McDonald's

The Twister Fries is back if you do not already know!

That is the Chilli Chicken McGrill at the background.