Wong Solo Ikan Bawal @ Far East Plaza

Mum and I were at Shaw Lido last Saturday to attend the movie premiere of TWISTED.

However, I had brought her to Far East Plaza to have our early dinner before the show starts.

Just the previous night, I sent out a Tweet asking for recommendations of what to eat and Daniel was there to help.

Among the recommendations given, Wong Solo was the only one I could find that have it's own website.

I was excited to learn that Wong Solo offers authentic Indonesian bites. As my Mum is Indonesian, I was eager to bring her there to have a taste of hometown.

While browsing through it's menu on the website, I laid my eyes on the Ikan Bawal. I was actually torn between this and their store specialty - the Ayam Bakar, both of which seemed equally appealing to me.

I eventually chose the fish since I ate chicken all the time.

At $6.90, the Ikan Bawal seems like a steal considering the BIG pomfret that I willl be getting (see picture from their menu below).

The next day, we reached the basement of Far East Plaza where Wong Solo is located and the overwhelming crowd began to worry me.

Will we be able to find seats? Do we have to wait long? We do not have much time till the movie starts...

Every food establishment we walked by were overflowing with people. Some even had long queues snaking around the perimeter of their shops.

We were surprised, however, to find that Wong Solo was devoid of people with only one table occupied. This was a striking contrast to their neighboring food tenants.

I got Mum to take a seat inside while I went to place our orders from the counter outside - fast-food styled.

I joined her at the table a while later and waited for my Ikan Bawal and her Gado Gado to be served.

Service was fast.

The Gado Gado was served in five minutes and my Ikan Bawal followed suit after another five minutes.

What happened to my BIG Pomfret?

Regrettably, I was dismayed to see my Pomfret shrunk. This was not what I see in the menu at all.

It is very misleading!

I have never seen such a small Pomfret before!

No, I am not being sarcarstic here.

I am telling you the truth when I said that I have never, ever seen such a small Pomfret in my life!

Shock aside, the marinade on the grilled fish actually tasted quite good! It was rather sweet with their special blend of Indonesian spices.

I even liked the charred bits on the fins!

The sambal, on the other hand, is potent and very appetising when mixed with the rice.

Gado Gado

The Gado Gado comes with a generous layer of Belinjau on top and a mixture of beansprouts, cabbage, long beans, tofu, potato cubes and half a hardboiled egg below. I could not remember if there was tempeh which is basically a fermented product of soybean in cake form.

The peanut gravy was quite thick and flavorsome, with a hint of tamarind juice (if I'm not wrong) which I like.

On the whole, the overall experience was a pleasant one and the food tasted fine although I hope they could do something about the size of the fish.

Deliver what is promised to customers.

When you promised a big fish (on the menu), don't deliver a baby one.

Far East Plaza Shopping Centre
14 Scotts Road
Tel: 6235 0523
Website: http://www.wongsolo.com.sg/wongsolo.html

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