*Knock Knock* Who's there? It's The Hungry Ghost!

With the Gates of Hell opening and the hungry ghosts set free to wander the streets for the next thirty days, I shall repost an old entry from my previous blog to kick start the annual Hungry Ghost Festival which begins tonight!


This happened last night at approximately 11pm.

I was typing furiously away on the computer in my room when I heard a knock on the door.


It was a very soft knock; barely audible but I am sure I have heard it.

I strained my ears then, I heard it again.

"kok kok "

I got off the chair to open the door but strangely, no one was there.

The living room was in complete darkness and my parents have already retired to their bedroom though I could still vaguely hear the TV sounds coming from their room.

My breathing intensified and I felt the chills running through my body (for a good reason, which I'll elaborate later).

I braved the darkness and approached my parents' room with my heart in my mouth. Seeing how comfortable they were curled up in bed, I knew it's futile asking them who knocked on my door earlier...

I tried convincing myself that this is all my imagination but how do I deny something that has really happened?

It has been a year since I shifted out of my previous bedroom and I have not experienced any disturbances since then but, why is it happening all over again?

While I was still staying in my previous bedroom, I constantly have this feeling that I am not alone.

This nagging feeling lasted for several months but I trust that as long as I do not bother them, they should not disturb me as well.

However, the final straw came during one of the nights, when I actually felt a pair of hands around my neck, strangling me!

I tried resisting but I could not move a muscle! I mustered every ounce of strength left in me, and yelled some profanities.

Like a spell broken, I regained control over the use of my arms which were, moments before, petrified!

I shot up in bed, panting hard, wondering about what has just happened. I cannot be dreaming as I have just got into bed for no more than five minutes and not yet fallen asleep.

Brushing aside all thoughts, I told myself that I am just being paranoid.

I lay back to sleep but the moment I closed my eyes, it happened again.

Yes, that pair of hands are at it again!

I recalled some prayers that Mum used to teach me which I managed to mutter and miraculously, I was freed again.

Thankfully, nothing happened for the rest of the night and I was able to get some sleep albeit a restless one.

The very next morning, I packed all my stuffs and shifted into my brother's room opposite.

Logical people might attribute this to sleep paralysis, a condition whereby the brain is awake but the body is still shut down but how do you explain the unseen force upon my neck? Unable to move is one thing, being strangled is another.

Since moving out of my room, I have not experienced anything unpleasant, although I would still get the chills at times while walking pass it as if there is a pair of eyes watching my every move in the darkness.

But at the very least, I wasn't disturbed.

That is, until last night.

Remembered what I wrote earlier? 

The living room was in complete darkness...

The altar lights were switched off last night!

The altar lights in my house are always on 24/7 but on that fateful day, Mum has switched it off to "save" electricity.

I wondered have I been under the protection of the altar lights for the past year therefore those wretched things in my previous room on the opposite were unable to come over but when the lights were switched off last night, there is no holding them back?

Someone please tell me is this purely a coincidence?

Ever since that incident, the room has been converted into a storage cum sewing room.

Up till now, I would still get the goosebumps recalling that awful espisode happening to me. Did it really happened or was it a fragment of my imagination?

However, one thing for sure is that from now on, the altar lights will be ON every single night.

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