Siam Kitchen @ Lot One

We had an early Father's Day celebration dinner over at Siam Kitchen's Lot One outlet two nights ago.

The fragrance of Lemongrass greeted our noses the moment we walked into the restaurant and it instantly reminded me of a... foot massage palour! Haha!

The ambience is quite pleasant and I am attracted to those large window panes.

Although the restaurant is not very spacious, I do not feel very cram in there. Or maybe it's because we were early (about 6pm)?

Here is what we have ordered.

Prawn Crackers

The keropok that was served to us in a basket as we took our seats. It goes great with the chili sauce on the table!

Yum Ma Muang SGD 7.90

The Green Mango Salad is a complex burst of flavors with it's mixture of sweet, sour and spicy dressing. We love this refreshing salad that it is a must-eat whenever we visit Thailand. 

Unfortunately, Siam Kitchen's version has no kick at all as it was not sour nor spicy enough for us. It was not even the least appetizing as a starter.

Perhaps, it was toned down to suit local tastebuds but we find it too mild for our liking. 

Poo Nim Phad Nam Prik SGD 11.90

It was my first time having Curry Soft Shell Crab so I have no benchmark to compare it against but I do not like what I was chewing at all and the curry did not even taste like curry.

Would it have tasted better if we ordered it deep fried instead of with curry?

Tom Yum Tolay SGD 7.60

A Thai meal is not complete without having Tom Yum soup. 

Regrettably, it shares the same problem with the Green Mango Salad - it was not tangy and spicy enough.

Pla Muek Kua Prig Klua SGD 8.50

I loved Calamari but this one fails to impress. 

The squid rings were too thin and the batter not crunchy enough.

Pla Kra Ben Yang SGD 13.90

If you like your BBQ Stingray with wok hei and cincalok (fermented shrimps), just stick to the ones from the tze char stalls. 

This one does not have the burnt edges (which I love)  like the ones from a real BBQ pit.

Peek Gai Tod Nam Pla SGD 7.80

"When did you order frog's leg?"

This was what I asked my brother when he passed me one of these from the other end of the table.

As it turns out, this was Siam Kitchen's "Special" Mid-Joint Chicken Wing.

Other than splitting each mid-joint wing into half, I have no idea what is so "special" about this dish.

The meat is dry and the marinade forgettable.
Lord Chong Ruammitr

Do not ask me why Cendol is called Lord Chong Ruammitr in Thai language.

If there is only one thing which pleases me that night, it was this Grass Jelly Cendol with Azuki Red Beans.

Even though the food at Siam Kitchen is not up to my expectations, I must still commend it's service staff for their attentiveness who were prompt in refilling our glasses with water and for serving the food fast.