Will The Real Samantha From Holland Village Please Stand Up?

(91.3FM has removed the audio)
I bet all the Samanthas staying in Holland Village are cursing away right now.

Apparently, we heartlanders were deemed too uncultured to step foot in Holland Village and that we should just "stay where we fit best" (in our own heartlands)!

If you still have not heard about it, "Samantha" called in 91.3FM, during The Married Men on Wednesday morning to rant about us, 90% of the Singapore population for visiting her estate in "shorts and slippers and weird colored hair".

Read the story here.

What is wrong with her? 

I mean, who is she to stereotype us as "uncultured" and that we "dress like one kind" and "talk like one kind"?

Who is she to even tell us where NOT to go?

Does berating heartland folks make her seem any holier than the rest of us?



No what!

I think that is pretty ridiculous... and what a horrible thing to say!

I wonder is this "Samantha" for real? 

Could it be a hoax by 91.3FM to boost ratings? You know, just like the earlier Ris Low prank on 98.7FM?

But what if it is real?

You mean at this time and age, there are people who still practice the caste system huh?


(Okay, other than India lah...)

Why is she degrading herself and slamming her fellow heartlanders?


What have we done to deserve this?

Now, my burning question is this: Will the real Samantha from Holland Village please stand shut own up?

I am intrigued to know how well-mannered she really is, and how she usually dressed for meals at the Holland Village coffeeshop!

Listen to her warped arguments below.

Aiyah, why did she not say "These HORDES of uncultured heartlanders flocked to my estate in shorts and slippers and weird colored hair?"

I am sure she will enjoy as much exposure as that racist Alexandra Wallace of UCLA!

I was thinking, maybe we should all invade Holland Village for the next couple of weekends donning t-shirts like these...

What do you think?

You know, this fiasco actually reminds me of one particular scene from the Beauty World Musical...

Hey, TGIF!

Have a good weekend!

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