To A Certain Big Organisation Out There...

A service breakdown occurs when the expectations of a customer are not met.

When this unhappy customer feedback to you, it goes to show that he is giving you the opportunity to make things right.

You would have salvage your relationship if you had been humble enough to admit your mistake, pacify your customer and suggest possible solutions. 

If the service recovery is done professionally, this unhappy-turned-impressed customer could have been converted into a loyal customer who would want to continue doing business with you.

This loyal customer would most likely help you to advertise your business by words of mouth and he would usually be more forgiving when a mistake occurs.

(So you see, it is actually more cost effective for the company to retain a old customer than to attract a new one!)

But, to take a condescending approach and pretend the problem was non-existant (while seeking ways to cover up your backside) would only irk your customer further and worsen the ties.

When the tie is broken, any follow-ups that you try to offer thereafter would only make you appear insincere and hypocritical. 

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