The Yearly Solemn Affair

And so, it was my birthday on Tuesday.

For some reason, I always feel down during my birthdays.

Am I disappointed with myself? You know, the lack of achivements and all that? Is it what people call midlife crisis?

Whatever the case may be, I envied people who had wonderful friends who celebrate their birthdays for them.

Unfortunately, being the passive person that I am, I always ended up celebrating my birthday alone...  

Well, most of the time.

So, how did I celebrate it this year?

First, I had lunch at Popeyes at Square 2!

Omg, isn't that exciting?

Because it was MY day, I decided to grant amnesty and give them a second chance to change my impression of them but sadly, I had to stand by my previous verdict.

Six months ago, they served me tasteless chicken and fast forward six months later, they are still serving me that same tasteless chicken!

Why are their marinade only skin deep?

Is that how Louissana people enjoy their fried chickens? 

I do not know!

Anyway, I finally had the popular Mashed Potato with gravy which I did not get to try the other time.

I had such high expectations of it because everyone were raving so much about it but unfortunately, it failed to arouse my interest.

I guess I will not be having Popeyes again...


Later that night, I fried some bee hoon, fishballs and chicken wings.

These are the standard menu at most birthday parties but there are no guests; just me and my folks.

There was no intention to celebrate my birthday but I prepared these anyway just so to have a celebration 'feel'.

Sad huh?

It is my birthday yet I still had to prepare my own meals.

I feel so sad I wanna cry...

Hey, I also made myself a Shepherd's Pie with the new oven!

It was my first attempt and I'm quite pleased with the result although the cheese was a tad too salty.

Dad came home with two slices of cake!

This was totally unexpected!

It was the first time that Dad has ever bought me a cake for my birthday!


I'm lost for words!

So yes, that was how I spent my miserable birthday just like the year before this and the year before that...

Would someone spring me a surprise birthday party next year? *weak smile*


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