Cories Resting On Nanas

Is that not cute?
I was walking past my aquarium last night and spotted three of my six Cories (Corydoras) resting on the Nanas (Anubias).

It is kindda cute so I quickly snapped some pictures of them.

Corydoras belong to the genus Corydoras in the armored catfish family Callichthyidae. Corydoras are a type of catfish, and many different species are today kept by aquarists. Corydoras, or Corys as they are affectionately called by their keepers, are peaceful and can be kept in tropical community aquariums. via
The Cories are a group of armoured catfish hailing from South America. These gregarious catfishes scavenge at the bottom of the stream and looked quite comical as they moved their barbels around the gravel, looking for food.

They are really entertaining to watch!

The Albino Cories I had are bred in captivity and is not found in the wild. (Am I right?)

The Cories are one of my favorite species of aquarium fish. 

What about you?

Do you have a favorite too?

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