What Lesson The Recent McDonald's Hello Kitty And Despicable Me 2 Promotion Has Taught Me

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All it takes is just ONE McDonald's promotion to bring out the worst in humanity.

Remember the wedding series of Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel some 13 years ago in Singapore? It attracted so much attention that CISCO guards were hired to maintain order when ugly human dramas such as fights, quarrels, and queue-jumping became the subject of media coverage.

Seven people were even injured when a glass door at the Boon Keng outlet shattered due to the jostling.

Fast forward back to the recent Fairy Tales Hello Kitty and Despicable Me 2 promotion this year where customers purchase the toys in bulk - causing stocks to be sold-out island-wide within hours. I have no qualms if they had bought it for their own collection but the point is, these people are reselling for profits.

Not only do they deny others from getting the toy, such deplorable and selfish acts only disgraced the reputation of all Singaporeans.

Like this fella selling yellow Minions for $30

It is people like these resellers that cause kids to be disappointed.

The childish adults bought all the toys leaving non for him and his girlfriend

Or does it really?

Selling Evil Minion for $8

Price now increased to $10


Hang on, so what is this 16 year old "small kid" disappointed about? For failing to procure that much coveted yellow Minion so he could make a profit out of it?

If you think that's preposterous, you have not seen the worst yet (technically speaking, this one isn't selling but looking to buy).

I say grow some balls and ditch that bitch! She ain't worth keeping!

Okay, let's bring the attention back to the resellers who bought the toys in bulk. The toys are sold or given free with the purchase of a value meal or kid's Happy Meal. There is only so much a person can eat thus what can they do with so many meals but to throw them away?

And this, brings us to the very next point.

There have been an outpouring of complaints against such blatant waste of food.

Thus, in a bid to prevent food wastage, McDonald's has taken customers' feedbacks into consideration and implemented the option for customers to donate their unwanted meals to MINDS.

Response from MINDS

Well, it seem like the perfect plan, isn't it? On one hand, you solved the problem of food wastage and at the same time, you brought a smile to someone's face. The fast food giant has even taken upon themselves to top up the number of meals to 1000 should the figure of donated meals falls lesser than that.

But wait, there's no pleasing everybody.

Seriously, what do they want? I would not have believe how critical some people can be if I had not seen it for myself. If they think they could do a better job than McDonald's, then feel free to take over! Walk your talk, dude!

Having fast food once in a while will not make you diabetic and I believe that the kids at MINDS do not get to eat fast food very often. The point of this donation is to donate the meals which customers do not want to MINDS so as to prevent the food from being thrown away so what's with all that negativity?

Show some appreciation please.

At least McDonald's is doing something to help but what have the keyboard warriors done other than expressing their opinions?

MINDS have already welcomed the move of having the meal donations over monetary donation so who are we to tell them otherwise?

McDonald's have a business to run and they are doing this out of goodwill. Unless you are a major shareholder, I do not think they have the obligation to answer everything they do to you, do they?